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CSIRO - Enzymology and Synthetic Biology. CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences research is contributing to new bioindustries in a number of ways. 5 February 2010 | Updated 14 October 2011 Overview Our research focuses on the development of new industrial biotechnologies and biomaterials, environmental biotechnology, enzymology and sensory biology.

CSIRO - Enzymology and Synthetic Biology

We are involved in research on: manipulating enzyme and structural protein function and structure to create new biochemical pathways and biomaterials understanding the biomolecular basis of odour and taste discrimination, leading to a biomimetic and bioinspired approach to rapid volatile sensing for food, health and security applications. Current activities The Enzymology and Synthetic Biology Program is involved in a range of research activities and projects: Learn more about the research undertaken by Ecosystem Sciences. CSIRO - FEV 2010 - Enzymology and Synthetic BiologyCSIRO Entomology’s research is contributing to new bioindustries in a number.

ACADEMIE DES PAYS BAS 25/09/08 Synthetic biology: creating opportunities. BBSRC - JUNE 2008 - Synthetic biology: social and ethical challenges. PARLIAMENT OFFICE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - Janvier 2008 - SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY.

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