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Billiards - Pool

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Billiard Basics - Proper Aiming Techniques While Shooting Pool. Aiming at Pool -part 1. Aiming at Pool - part 2. Trick Pool Shot - Masse billiard shot - Billiards Lessons Wilmington NC. NV B.87 - Jump shot technique, from VEPS V. 90 Degree Rule. NV 3.4 - 90° rule with various cut angles. Billiards: Cue Ball Control -part 1. Cue Ball Control - part 2. Billiards Tips : Billiard Cuing Techniques. Aiming at Pool -part 1. After-Shot Masse. How to Play Pool : Various Bridges on the Game of Pool: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners.

How to Play Pool : How to Hit the Cue Ball. How To Break. Learn to Play Pool in Ten Minutes. Introduction to The Natural Result Systems - Part 3. How To Shoot Over A Ball. NV B.23 - Cross-corner bank shot double kiss detection. NV 2.5 - classic pendulum stroke. NV B.35 - Kicking systems and "spot on the wall" aiming. NV B.43 - Cue ball position control reference lines. NV 4.7 - Following an obstacle ball into a pocket. NV B.63 - Part 4: balls frozen to rails - Pool Rules Quiz Instruction. NV B.65 - Power draw technique advice from VEPS - I. NV B.66 - The 30-degree rule, from VEPS I. NV B.67 - The trisect system for draw shots, from VEPS I. NV B.70 - Squirt, swerve, and throw, from VEPS II. NV B.71 - Back-hand English (BHE), from VEPS II. NV B.72 - Rail-first shots with English, from VEPS II.

NV B.73 - Leaving an angle and coming into the line of a shot, from VEPS II. NV 7.4 - 30° rule billiard shot. NV B.74 - Center-of-table position and routes, with the 45-degree rule, from VEPS II. NV B.75 - 30-degree-rule natural-angle examples, from VEPS III. NV B.77 - Playing for exact position instead of to an area, from VEPS III. NV B.78 - How to choose good "key" balls, from VEPS III. NV B.81 - Bank and kick shot terminology and basics, from VEPS IV. NV B.82 - Rolling-cue-ball through-diamond kick-shot aiming system, from VEPS IV. NV B.83 - Shallow-angle contact-point-mirror-image kick-shot aiming system, from VEPS IV. NV B.84 - Plus System for aiming two-rail kick shots, from VEPS IV. NV B.85 - Corner-Five System for aiming three-rail kick shots, from VEPS IV. NV B.89 - 9-ball racking strategy, from VEPS V. NV B.91 - Frozen-throw-down-rail proposition shot, from VEPS V. NV B.92 - "Impossible" cut shots, from VEPS V.

NV B.93 - Famous trick (artistic pool) shots, from VEPS V. NV B.97 - Draw shot technique, physics, and examples - part 1: technique.