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Billiards - Pool

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For the past 50 years I've shot and enjoyed the game of pool. I've played and won most every type of pool game there is. One of my favorite is Reverse 8ball where you carom the object ball off the cue ball into the pocket. Easier than it sounds.

Anyway happy pearling. Billiard Basics - Proper Aiming Techniques While Shooting Pool. Aiming at Pool -part 1. Aiming at Pool - part 2. Trick Pool Shot - Masse billiard shot - Billiards Lessons Wilmington NC. NV B.87 - Jump shot technique, from VEPS V. 90 Degree Rule. NV 3.4 - 90° rule with various cut angles. Billiards: Cue Ball Control -part 1. Cue Ball Control - part 2. Billiards Tips : Billiard Cuing Techniques. Aiming at Pool -part 1. After-Shot Masse. How to Play Pool : Various Bridges on the Game of Pool: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners. How to Play Pool : How to Hit the Cue Ball. How To Break. Learn to Play Pool in Ten Minutes. Introduction to The Natural Result Systems - Part 3. How To Shoot Over A Ball. NV B.23 - Cross-corner bank shot double kiss detection. NV 2.5 - classic pendulum stroke. NV B.35 - Kicking systems and "spot on the wall" aiming. NV B.43 - Cue ball position control reference lines. NV 4.7 - Following an obstacle ball into a pocket.

NV B.63 - Part 4: balls frozen to rails - Pool Rules Quiz Instruction. NV B.65 - Power draw technique advice from VEPS - I. NV B.66 - The 30-degree rule, from VEPS I. NV B.67 - The trisect system for draw shots, from VEPS I. NV B.70 - Squirt, swerve, and throw, from VEPS II. NV B.71 - Back-hand English (BHE), from VEPS II. NV B.72 - Rail-first shots with English, from VEPS II. NV B.73 - Leaving an angle and coming into the line of a shot, from VEPS II. NV 7.4 - 30° rule billiard shot. NV B.74 - Center-of-table position and routes, with the 45-degree rule, from VEPS II. NV B.75 - 30-degree-rule natural-angle examples, from VEPS III. NV B.77 - Playing for exact position instead of to an area, from VEPS III. NV B.78 - How to choose good "key" balls, from VEPS III. NV B.81 - Bank and kick shot terminology and basics, from VEPS IV. NV B.82 - Rolling-cue-ball through-diamond kick-shot aiming system, from VEPS IV. NV B.83 - Shallow-angle contact-point-mirror-image kick-shot aiming system, from VEPS IV.

NV B.84 - Plus System for aiming two-rail kick shots, from VEPS IV. NV B.85 - Corner-Five System for aiming three-rail kick shots, from VEPS IV. NV B.89 - 9-ball racking strategy, from VEPS V. NV B.91 - Frozen-throw-down-rail proposition shot, from VEPS V. NV B.92 - "Impossible" cut shots, from VEPS V. NV B.93 - Famous trick (artistic pool) shots, from VEPS V. NV B.97 - Draw shot technique, physics, and examples - part 1: technique.