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Grande bibliothèque en verre noir à Zhen Yuan en Chine - “Yangzhou Zhongshuge” est une grande bibliothèque en verre noir située à Zhen Yuan, en Chine.

Grande bibliothèque en verre noir à Zhen Yuan en Chine -

Conçue par XL-muse¹, elle est un véritable chef-d’œuvre. Promenons-nous dans ses grands couloirs… A new chapter for Beijing's libraries. Beijing Library. The Beijing Library, formerly known as the Metropolitan Library, is the oldest and largest library in China.

Beijing Library

An important part of the library's holdings is the Wenyuange (Pavilion of Literary Profundity) collection of the Ming emperors which includes rare Southern Song editions from the 13th century. In 1949, the library contained about 1.4 million books and the rapidly increasing collection now numbers nearly 10 million. Bienvenue au Modular Café à Beijing - Spanky Few. Aujourd’hui, petite incursion à Beijing, au Modular Café.

Bienvenue au Modular Café à Beijing - Spanky Few

Conçu par le studio de design Penda, ce café a la particularité d’avoir un design original et éco-friendly qui se situe entre bibliothèque et lieu de détente. Et cette particularité tient à l’utilisation de barres d’acier recyclées peintes en noir positionnées sous forme de grilles, qui constituent des bibliothèques et des murs de séparation. Bibliothèque Nationale de Chine, Pékin. Les plus belles bib du monde. La bibliothèque de Guangzhou est la bibliothèque publique de la capitale de la province de Guangdong en Chine.

Les plus belles bib du monde

La bibliothèque vient de déménager dans un nouveau bâtiment dans la ville nouvelle de Zhujiang (depuis le 23 juin) 2013. La nouvelle bibliothèque digitale : Nanjing 1.jpg (JPEG Image, 280 × 391 pixels) By popular request: the Shaanxi Provincial Library. I'm a bit of a library nerd.

By popular request: the Shaanxi Provincial Library

(In Chinese - "我是图书馆迷. ") I've visited libraries while on holiday in San Francisco and Seattle, and even bought t-shirts, so why would Xi'An be an exception? Sadly here I found no gift shop :-( At the front, a Chinese knock-off of The Thinker. Inside the main atrium. The atrium from above. What most of the library looked like. The "Ancient Books and Modern Documents Reading Room". I got a few stares as I was wandering around. Overall pretty impressive! Shanghai Library. 6 reasons to visit Shanghai's first private library. The latest addition to the Bohemian enclave in Jing’an Villa is called 2666, and it's Shanghai’s first independent library.

6 reasons to visit Shanghai's first private library

Set up in May by a group of five Shanghainese journalists, writers and magazine editors, the dimly lit reading space attracted such a large crowd on its opening night even the cops came knocking. And here are six reasons why the queue forms. 1. Pre-selected books Non-bookworms don’t need to shift through rows and rows of books to find a good read in 2666. A Good Read, Pt.3: Libraries in Shanghai. Part three in a series about where to find a good read in ShanghaiPart I, Fake Books and BookstoresPart II, Used Bookstores and Online Shopping Today, we will focus on Shanghai Libraries that offer books in foreign languages.

A Good Read, Pt.3: Libraries in Shanghai

The Shanghai Library This is the Main Branch and is in the center of town. [Offbeat]: Road Trip to Liyuan Library. "Offbeat" is a SmartBeijing column about stuff to look at or do or experience in Beijing that's interesting or weird (relatively, of course), that doesn't fit anywhere else.

[Offbeat]: Road Trip to Liyuan Library

It appears weekly, monthly, or maybe even annually, when we're not busy working on other superfluous column ideas. In the midst of deep concentration at work (looking at Grumpy Cat memes), I stumbled upon a collection of beautiful libraries around the world, one of which claimed to be close to Beijing. A few quick searches yielded architecture and design websites, but the local expat rags seemed completely clueless: no blogs, no photos, not even any hipsters claiming to have been there before it was cool.

Dian Ping hosted reviews and unnecessarily vague directions -- directions that included “drive along the windy road until you feel like you have gone too far”. Guangzhou Library, China. Liyuan Library, Huairou, China. Ying yang public library by evgeny markachev + julia kozlova. Jan 03, 2013 ying yang public library by evgeny markachev + julia kozlova developed by evgeny markachev + julia kozlova, the public library proposal implents the use of the philosophical ‘yin and yang’ signas the form driver of the structure, symbolizing two different origins through interaction and complementarity. the concept obtains not only the shape of the motif, but also spatially divides the space into two opposite functional nodes that complement each other (education and communication). due to the dynamic form the edifice is visually in constant movement, designating the other zones to be harmoniously distributed in the internal areas of the building. this feature reflects the modern intensity and information interchange, dynamics of modern life. the library won first place in the sustainable design category of the autodesk special prize in the archi-world academy awards for 2011-2013. general view view from the other entrance at night (main road) scheme master plan elevations.

ying yang public library by evgeny markachev + julia kozlova

Beijing Poplar Picture Book Store. This beautiful, rainbow-ribboned interior design is Kid’s Republic, the picture book store of the Beijing POPLAR Culture Project (BPCPC).

Beijing Poplar Picture Book Store

It was designed by SAKO Architects to communicate the colorfulness of life to its young patrons. Bookshelves rise, fall and curve, becoming interactive architecture for play. Repeated circles serve as bookshelves, windows, and reading nooks. While brightly illustrated children’s picture books are common in western cultures, it is a younger art form in China, and Kid’s Republic aims to create an atmosphere that will encourage children to stay and engross themselves in the books. Bib sauvage métro Shanghai. La ville de Shanghai, qui est attendue comme la ville invitée d'honneur du Salon du livre de Paris, propose aux usagers du métro une bibliothèque toute particulière. Sur la ligne 2, un lieu de prêt tout à fait officieux a été mis en place, avec un modèle très simple : prendre un livre dans l'une des stations, et le déposer dans une autre.

Lyon et Canton (Topo 113)