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The Funniest Animal Photos. Part 1 

The Funniest Animal Photos. Part 1 

"Animals have these advantages over man: they never hear the clock strike, they die without any idea of death, they have no theologians to instruct them, their last moments are not disturbed by unwelcome and unpleasant ceremonies, their funerals cost them nothing, and no one starts lawsuits over their wills." ~ Voltaire Cisco CCIE Pre-Qualification Test for 1z0-051 can easily be achieved with quality materials that are available at Testking at lower cost. 642-999 updated mp3 guide is available to you at affordable cost that could enables you to achieve higher score in actual exam.
baby dinosaur by mehmet karaca
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Wichita Wildlife instagram
Luna's bed instagram
nature 29
Solitude by Helminadia Ranford
Far away from the shop by acrux/Kowalkowski Rafal
Summer Rain by Paulo Dias
ll Mediterranean by auster
Seagulls by itan14
Untitled by Rafal Norek
Pier Pressure by John Parminter
Line... by Krzysztof Browko
Silence by Ivo Sisevic - Sisko
Underneath the Veil by Mary Kay
Kung Fu Master by Lina Gunawan
Animals' Eyes Up Close Husky Suren Manvelyan, is a bit of a jack of all trades. He has a PhD in Theoretical Physics specializing in Quantum Chaos but has recently turned his attention to photographing the amazing detailed landscapes of eyes. The ones featured here are all from animals and includes a husky dog, snail, Siames cat, and even a crocodile as well as a few other creatures. With such close photos, one is able to see details such as the irises' color gradients, textures, patterns and even tiny blood vessels, causing these eyes to look like alien landscapes. Manvelyan has also photographed the human eye and photos of it can be found on his website.

Animals' Eyes Up Close

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The smallest vertebrate on Earth - a frog just a quarter of an inch long - has been discovered by scientists. The tiny frog has been named Paedophryne amauensis after Amau Village in Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean where it was found. Its adult body size ranges from just 7 to 8 mm - just over a quarter of an inch long. Animal pictures of the week: 13 January 2012 Animal pictures of the week: 13 January 2012
Fairytale by Alex Saberi
No doubt National Geographic features unbelievable photography. The authors and photographers for National Geographic are one of the mainly diverse and dedicated people, and this is very clear in every periodical they discharge. From city to country areas, from the cultured to the most foreign to the most deserted of locations, from happy proceedings to catastrophic ones, from home to the expert life, and spiritual and beyond, these people cover almost every bit of in sequence of every feature of this world. The photographic as well as journalistic excellence of National Geographic is truly undeniable. 40 photos The 40 Best Selected Wallpapers from National Geographic Magazine

The 40 Best Selected Wallpapers from National Geographic Magazine

Captain Torchepot by gwichin
Astonishing Collection of Artistic Underwater Photos Water is the universal solvent, it can dissolve almost anything in itself, including beauty, passion and art. Today, I’ll be focusing on the beauty, passion and art part. This is a collection of artistic photography taken under water, in oceans, rivers and anywhere in the waters. We have shared such conceptual photos previously, such as 30 Breath-Taking Underwater Portrait Photography and recently published Spectacular Examples of Ocean Life Photography but this post has a different flavor, it is garnished with my favorite spices; art and beauty. Let You Free by Kenvin Pinardy Astonishing Collection of Artistic Underwater Photos
On White: Canal Scene - Amsterdam by Different Light Photography []
30 Breath Taking (i mean it) Underwater Portrait Photography 30 Breath Taking Underwater Portrait Photography Amazing Underwater Portraits gathered around DeviantArt. The water gives such an effect..tooo awesome! Hope you enjoy this mini-collection..and stay tuned for more awesome photography! don’t forget to share this with your friends 30 Breath Taking (i mean it) Underwater Portrait Photography 30 Breath Taking (i mean it) Underwater Portrait Photography
Rainbow Wave by David Orias