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BC Archives. Browse Browse Advanced Search Item I-51569 - "In the Cariboo"; artist Emily Carr on horseback during her visit to the Cariboo.

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Title and statement of responsibility area Title proper "In the Cariboo"; artist Emily Carr on horseback during her visit to the Cariboo. General material designation. Our-history-emily-carr-a-woman-ahead-of-her-time-1. In Emily Carr: The Incredible Life and Adventures of a West Coast Artist, author Cat Klerks demonstrates that despite numerous setbacks and the disapproval of family and society, Emily Carr proved to be a woman ahead of her time.


Her development as Canada’s most renowned landscape painter in the face of both traditionalism and sexism is a testament to her individuality and her tenacious human spirit. The following is an excerpt from Emily Carr: The Incredible Life and Adventures of a West Coast Artist. Though Emily had spent three years studying art in San Francisco and five more eking out a living as an art instructor in B.C., it was in London that she would begin her training in earnest.

Canada was wild, unpaintable; England was the apex of culture and learning. On paper, studying in London sounded ideal. Emily soon found out that the Westminster School of Art was not the place to learn new ideas. Man Turned to Stone: T'xwelátse. Written in Stone The film Written in Stone is an aerial flyover following the path of Xexá:ls as they travelled through the eastern half of S'ólh Téméxw making the world right… Xwelixweltel's words (taken from his interview in T'xwelátse Is Finally Home) scroll across the screen as an introductory statement.

Man Turned to Stone: T'xwelátse

Stó:lō songs alternate with elevator music as the only other "sensory" things in the film. There are no spoken words, only visuals and music. That's it. Man Turned to Stone: T'xwelátse. Set in Stone: Stó:lō ancestors' spirits live in Fraser Valley landmarks - CBC News. Naxaxalhts'i, also known as Sonny McHalsie, stands precariously close to the edge of a cliff.

Set in Stone: Stó:lō ancestors' spirits live in Fraser Valley landmarks - CBC News

He's capturing an iPhone panorama to share with his Facebook friends. This is Th'exelis. It is one of more than 100 sites where Stó:lō people believe their ancestors were transformed to stone. These sites contain living spirits, or Shxweli, and stand as cautionary tales from their ancestors. And Th'exelis' story is one of Sonny McHalsie's favourites to tell. Here, the transformer Xa:ls did battle with Xéylxelamós, a medicine man who used his powers selfishly. McHalsie recreates the transformer Xa:ls’ hand placement as he dug his nails into the rock at Th’exelis (“gritting his teeth”). The Residential School System. Children's dining room, Indian Residential School, Edmonton, Alberta.

The Residential School System

Between 1925-1936. United Church Archives, Toronto, From Mission to Partnership Collection. Residential Schools Two primary objectives of the residential school system were to remove and isolate children from the influence of their homes, families, traditions and cultures, and to assimilate them into the dominant culture. These objectives were based on the assumption Aboriginal cultures and spiritual beliefs were inferior and unequal.

10 books about residential schools to read with your kids - Aboriginal - CBC. More and more children will be read stories about the legacy of residential schools in the classroom this year.

10 books about residential schools to read with your kids - Aboriginal - CBC

Provinces are changing curriculums and educators across the country are developing resource guides in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) recommendations. "One of the first criteria for choosing anything is that it's a good story," said Jo-Anne Chrona. She has been developing age-appropriate curriculum materials in B.C. through the First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC). #42 Oppenheim: not Oppenheimer. November 14th, 2016 ESSAY: Bonnie Campbell assumed she was English.

#42 Oppenheim: not Oppenheimer

As a young adult she was surprised to learn that her grandmother was the daughter of a Prussian-Jewish merchant Louis Oppenheim, of Yale, B.C., and his wife Nukwa (Hannah) of Spuzzum, daughter of the Nlaka’pamux Chief Oshamôt. Here, in another Ormsby Review exclusive, she follows Louis Oppenheim from his birth in what is now Wolsztyn, Poland, in 1810, to Sacramento City in 1851, to Victoria in 1858, and to his death in 1890 at Yale. A more widely known pioneer family in B.C. were the Oppenheimers from the Kingdom of Bavaria. Yale as an RV Getaway. The historic town of Yale, BC is a nice RV destination from Chilliwack, just an hour (75 km) up Highway #1.

Yale as an RV Getaway

Yale holds a uniquely important place in British Columbia history which is the main attraction, but today Yale is also a cute little town of just a couple hundred people in amazing surroundings. History Linked to Transportation. [Students and staff in front of All Hallows' School] Housekeeping task turns up treasures. Colourful Characters in Historic Yale. The Rise and Fall of All Hallows School - The Gold Rush Town of Yale. The Rise and Fall of All Hallows School in Yale, B.C. 1884 - 1920.

The Rise and Fall of All Hallows School - The Gold Rush Town of Yale

The Residential School System. Dear Nan: Letters of Emily Carr, Nan Cheney, and Humphrey Toms - Emily Carr, Nan Cheney, Humphrey N. W. Toms. Klee Wyck SOS. The History of Metropolitan Vancouver - Hall of Fame. By Constance Brissenden With additional research by Larry Loyie The History of Metropolitan Vancouver Hall of Fame represents nearly 500 of the thousands of people who have contributed to the history of the lower mainland of BC.

The History of Metropolitan Vancouver - Hall of Fame

They come from all walks of life, all cultural backgrounds and all occupations. All of the Hall of Famers are now deceased, and we are proud to include a brief record of their accomplishments here. For the first time, Metropolitan Vancouver has a biographical directory that includes many individuals from communities overlooked in the past. If you have suggestions for inclusion (remember the person must be deceased), please contact us HERE. For Mayors of Vancouver, click here. William Lamont Tait Lumberman, financier b.

Warren Tallman Teacher, literary critic b. Residential schools. October 03rd, 2016 English-born Susanna Moodie (1803-1895) of Eastern Canada is famous for having published Roughing it in the Bush in 1852, a work that inspired a collection of poetry by Margaret Atwood in 1970. But Western Canada’s Althea Moody? Well, not so much. Emily Carr visits Hope and Yale 1908 1909. Aerial View of Yale early 1900s. The Rise and Fall of All Hallows School - The Gold Rush Town of Yale.

Spuzzum: Fraser Canyon Histories

Klee Wyck Art Centre Dedication Sign Description Creator: McPhee, William Media Type: Image. Ethlyn Trapp portrait. Daisy Dodd, 1899. All Hallows in the West : [No. 15 (Midsummer, 1... - cover - Early Canadiana Online. Ethlyn Trapp. Ethlyn Trapp, physican, researcher (b at New Westminster, BC 18 Jul 1891; d at West Vancouver 31 Jul 1972). Ethlyn Trapp was the fourth of eight children of Thomas John Trapp and Nell Dockrill. Trapp, Ethlyn. Untitled. UBC Archives - BC Historical Documents. Bchn 1989 spring. Postcard: Agassiz, BC, c.1910. Search Our Collection - Royal BC Museum. Colourful Characters in Historic Yale. All Hallows' School (Yale, B.C.) - MemoryBC. All Hallows began in 1854 at Shipmeadow, England, as a penitentiary designed to look after what were known as "fallen women". An active religious community of Sisters was formed at All Hallows to run a hospital, a school for girls, as well as to look ... »after visitors coming there for a time of retreat from the affairs of the world.

The Sisters moved to Ditchingam, Norfolk and built themselves a monastery in which to live and work. In 1881 Bishop Sillitoe sent out a call to England for assistance in his work with the native Indian population. The response came from All Hallows community in Ditchingam.