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‪Juniper Presents- Fate Conspired‬‏
‪Juniper - Pushed Away‬‏
‪Stereociti - Klass‬‏
‪Ryo Murakami / lunch of god (STEREOCiTI purplehazed remix)‬‏
‪Stereociti - A Day‬‏
‪Levon Vincent - No Regrets‬‏
‪Surgeon - Atol ( 1995 )‬‏
‪Pigon - Koto‬‏
‪Slam - Visions (Vitalic Remix)‬‏
‪Emika 'Pretend' (Live)‬‏
Emika — Ninja Tune Emika — Ninja Tune Emika's sophomore album, Dva, is a return to the music of her roots, a triumph of keenly felt and brilliantly expressed reflections of oppression and freedom, be it political, sexual or artistic. Dva is an exploration of self-expression and sound, taking dark dub pop, sound design inspirations and melding them with classical music of her upbringing, taking Emika's production a giant step forward. By way of announcing the album, we offer you Emika's version of 'Wicked Game', a classic Chris Isaak song, and a gift to her fans allowing further insight into Emika's artistic universe. The blues-drenched, introspective atmosphere of the original is retained, but its palette is effortlessly updated via deep dub textures, addictive drums and fragile, echoing melody. Like all the best covers, it matches the original by understanding it enough to do it justice. Enjoy.
‪Holger Zilske - Wrecker 06 (smash tv edit)‬‏
‪Holger Zilske with August Landelius - To Them To Me‬‏
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‪Transllusion - Do You Want To Get Down‬‏
‪Transllusion - Unordinary Realities‬‏
‪Chaîne de the29novfilms‬‏
‪Âme - Junggesellenmaschine‬‏
‪Diegors, El underworld.‬‏
‪Fredi Michel - Enganamí ( Broke Remix )‬‏
‪DJ Jus Ed - I'm Comin' (Levon Vincent Remix)‬‏
‪Kink - E79‬‏
‪Martyn - Shook Up‬‏
‪Hiro Ohta - Kakera (Yoav B Mix)‬‏
‪Newworldaquarium - Trespassers (Redshape Trespassed Mix)‬‏
‪Luke Million - Arnold [OFFICIAL VIDEO]‬‏
‪Move D - Heidelberg Gals [Running Back]‬‏
‪Motor City Drum Ensemble - Basement L.O.V.E. [!K7 Records]‬‏
‪James Teej - Spending Life (Original Mix)‬‏
‪Jordan Dare - Trapped in Light (Kenny Glasgow Remix)‬‏
‪Fingers Inc. - Mystery Of Love (Original Basement Mix)‬‏
‪Main Ingredient - Summer Breeze‬‏
‪Herculean (The Good The Bad And The Queen)‬‏
‪The Good The Bad And The Queen - Sufi Video (Stephen Pook)‬‏
‪Lee Foss, Hot Natured - Wintertime‬‏
‪maus & stolle - taxi‬‏
‪Convextion - Overproof - Satellite Cites EP - Down Low Music‬‏
‪Various Artists - 5‬‏
‪Jose Feliciano - "Light My Fire"‬‏
‪The Weeknd - Glass Table Girls‬‏
RA Reviews: Scott Grooves - Classic 909 - 25th Anniversary (Single) RA Reviews: Scott Grooves - Classic 909 - 25th Anniversary (Single) Scott Grooves - Classic 909 - 25th AnniversaryScott Grooves may be among the most underappreciated of Detroit producers. On some level, though, he only has himself to blame. Shy and unassuming, Grooves has rarely announced himself to audiences in the same way as some of the city's bigger personalities. But over the past few years, Grooves has established himself as one of the most consistent producers, releasing tracks on his own Natural MIDI, as well as the insta-classic "Coco Brown," which emerged on Clone late last year. 2009 has seen Grooves get back to basics, celebrating the 808 and—here—the 909, with a third release planned that will tackle the 606. As you might expect, the sounds found on "909" are generated via the classic drum machine—of which only around 10,000 were reportedly produced.
‪Scott Grooves - Classic 909‬‏
‪VSQ - Thisisthat (Original Version)‬‏
‪Pixies In Heaven‬‏
‪The Specials - Gangsters‬‏
‪Joy Division - A Means To An End (Live in France, 1979)‬‏
‪Gunnar Wendel - 578 (Omar S. Berlin Mix)‬‏
‪GUNNAR WENDEL - 578 (Omar S Berlin Mix)‬‏
‪Aaron Carl - Crucified (Quantec remix)‬‏
‪Sandwell District - Hunting Lodge‬‏
‪Function - Immolare (Function Version)‬‏
‪Ada - Eve (DJ Koze Remix)‬‏
‪FDF RAW 2 - Phidias - Cygnus Astratus‬‏
‪Efdemin - Bergwein‬‏
‪Pantha Du Prince - Butterfly Girl (Sten Version)‬‏
‪Faust vs. Dälek - Imagine What We Started‬‏
Soundstream - All Night‬‏
Johannes Beck - Rendezvous‬‏
Slam - This World (Wighnomy Bros & Robag Wruhme Bukkelflippers)‬‏
Alter Ego - Jolly Joker ( DJ Koze remix )‬‏
Nelepp Tcherevichki (The Slippers) Arioso Vakula: Tchaikovsky‬‏
Vakula - Loop For My Friends (Lerosa's Unsavoury Mix)‬‏
Kassem Mosse - 578‬‏
Skudge - Convolution‬‏
Kassem Mosse - A1 [Workshop 012]‬‏
Even Tuell - Untitled (A1)‬‏
Even Tuell - Thanden Strakk‬‏
TNT - L8‬‏
Bakey Ustl - Tender Places‬‏
Rau - The Blessing‬‏
Isolee - Les Andalouses‬‏
fmnt] Isolée - Tout Se Complique HD‬‏
Dj Koze vs Sid Le Rock - Es Scheppert Wie Def Leppard‬‏
Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange‬‏
Atlas Sound- Washington School‬‏
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Just Like Honey (Video)‬‏
The Waitresses I Know What Boys Like‬‏
M|A|R|R|S - PumpUpTheVolume‬‏
DIRTY BEACHES - Like Dreamers Do‬‏
Ben Frost - Through The Roof Of Your Mouth‬‏
Space: Tango In Space - Bottin Remix‬‏
Jacques Dutronc - J'ai tout lu, tout vu, tout bu (1967)‬‏
De Giafferi - Sado Maso‬‏
Phonoboy - Ce Soir‬‏
Phonoboy - C'est Ma Vie‬‏
CHEVEU "Charlie Sheen"‬‏
Ariel pink's haunted graffiti - beverly kills (BEFORE TODAY)‬‏
Jon Brion ---- You Can Still Ruin My Day‬‏
Bachelorette - Intergalactic Solitude‬‏
Chacun Fait (c'qu'il lui plait)‬‏
Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle (1976)‬‏
fabricfirst blog category: Mixes As the label boss for Belgian label Pelican Fly, DJ Slow is a man who's outlined his tastes... Continue Reading → Since moving to London six years ago, Yasmin has risen through the ranks to become... Continue Reading → Drum & bass producer FD's had our ear for more than a minute now. fabricfirst blog category: Mixes
Hamlet Minassian - Al Elnim‬‏
Quantic - Time Is The Enemy‬‏
robert wyatt - at last i am free‬‏
Fugazi - Instrument Soundtrack -12 - I'm So Tired‬‏