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Podcast #032 by Sonic Router
Podcast #57: Seuil Dalle isole Reunion, nell’oceano indiano, Seuil si è trasferito a Parigi agli inizi degli anni ’00. Nella metà degli anni ’00 le sue prime release sono state stampate, da quel momento è stata un escalation di successi. Minibar, Freak n’Chic, Circus Company, Moon Harbour, Raum..Musik, Welcome to Masomenos, LomidHigh, Adjunct, Esperanza, Einmaleins e la sua Eklo (aperta nel 2007) sono label che gli hanno dato fiducia. Podcast #57: Seuil
RebelPod by The Rebel Agency - #13 : Shaun Reeves presents 'Love at 120BPM'
move d @ panoramabar 2011-03-27 by Move D on SoundCloud
Wax Treatment Podcast 024
▶ Levon Vincent - NOVEL SOUND PROMOGANDA! Volume 1 - February 2011 by R_co
‪200 - The Mix Compilation (200 Records)‬‏
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▶ plated #1 roger 23 'discipline-mx' by emerged plate
▶ Art Department DJ Set @ W Hotel - Off Sonar 2011 by No.19 Music
▶ Common cause podcast - christopher rau live in his bedroom by christopher rau
Metro Area - Live @ Somewhere on Vimeo
▶ Christopher Rau - Live Spring 11 by Sensational Booking
5 Steps-Masaya's compilation by Masaya - Mina records on SoundCloud
OHMcast 077 by OnlyHouseMusic - Shohei Takata - Reportajes Mundo Música - WWW.OnlyHouseMusic.ORG
nbar podcasts by nbar on SoundCloud
▶ vakula - nbar podcast by nbar
716 Music - 716 Exclusive Mix : Dj M (Enfant Terrible Label) - Summer 2011 Mix This is mix by Martijn van Gessel who runs the Enfant Terrible label. It's been a long time I would publish a selection from him as he promotes and publishes a very special music : " I made a mix that goes into my "5 areas of interest for my label" dark, trashy, weird, synth/pop, experimental... some of the tracks are released on ET... some will be... many befriended bands... the last one is live at an ET event..." This is it ! Enjoy folks, you might listen to it a copple of times as it's some consistant material. 716 Music - 716 Exclusive Mix : Dj M (Enfant Terrible Label) - Summer 2011 Mix
Maya Jane Coles - Essential Mix - 09-07-2011 by R_co on SoundCloud
Alexander Robotnick - Hot Summer Lazy Mix (July 2011) by Alexander Robotnick on SoundCloud
Nhar - It's Wet - Dj Set by Nhar on SoundCloud
Lee Foss - Hot Natured Podcast 01 by Lee Foss on SoundCloud
Lee Foss - Modern Amusement Podcast 01 by Lee Foss on SoundCloud
As the label boss for Belgian label Pelican Fly, DJ Slow is a man who's outlined his tastes... Continue Reading → Since moving to London six years ago, Yasmin has risen through the ranks to become... Continue Reading → fabricfirst blog category: Mixes fabricfirst blog category: Mixes
Norman Nodge - Podcast - 14-02-2011 by R_co on SoundCloud
Masaya_Mas alla de todo by Masaya - Mina records on SoundCloud
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Deutz Air's sounds on SoundCloud
Numbers. #041 - Spencer - DJ set at Numbers 8th Birthday Here’s the recording of my set at our 8th Birthday last Friday at the Sub Club, it’s pretty raw – sounds like it was recorded inside a vacuum cleaner, but the full energy from the club is represented. Floating Points absolutely smashed it again and we will upload his set for you soon, but for now you get a real taste of the Numbers dancefloor – people doing techno karaoke, snapshots of Glasgow patter through the mic (check 29.30 for why i love Glasgow), plus the white noise of the smoke machine and folk banging the plastic side of the DJ booth. Also the last 2 tracks are cut well short because the police were outside, it was that much of a riot. Spencer – DJ set at Numbers 8th Birthday (Sub Club, Glasgow) by Numbers Numbers. #041 - Spencer - DJ set at Numbers 8th Birthday
About Audio File Formats Audio can be stored uncompressed, as with .aiff and .wav files. Lossless compression schemes, as used in .flac files, preserve the original sound quality by only removing unnecessary and redundant data. Aesthetic Breakdown No Genre Mixtape 320kbps.mp3 Aesthetic Breakdown No Genre Mixtape 320kbps.mp3
Caribou - Radio Germany Mix Ca fait un petit moment que je l'attendais, le voici : un mix que Caribou m'a donné.Pour mémoire, le titre qui tourne en ce moment et qui figurera sur le prochain album prévu pour avril, c'est Odessa. → download 1. Caribou. Sun (Sunapella). Caribou - Radio Germany Mix