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Banking and Money

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A better tomorrow! Accueil Particuliers - Crédit du Nord. The Finance 2.0 Manifesto - Umair Haque. Dear G20, It’s confusing.

The Finance 2.0 Manifesto - Umair Haque

Should you tax bankers’ bonuses, or limit their pay? Should you nationalize banks, or let public-private partnerships bid for bad assets? Do markets need morals — or just better regulation? The answer is: all may be necessary, but none are sufficient. Where are all the customers’ yachts? Bankers have got society, communities, and depositors by the throat. Banks don’t need to be bailed out of bad debt. Finance 1.0 has the same relationship with society as Godzilla does with cities. Finance 1.0 isn’t fit for economics 2.0. Finance 1.0 is built on a long-obsolete set of organizing principles. Today’s bankers, investors, and traders will never build a better finance.

It’s time to put Wall Street’s business as usual out of business. Here are nine paths to igniting the next financial revolution. Edge funds. Macro and microcurrencies. Social banks. Fair markets. Stakeholder communities. Whisper bullhorns. Googlizing financial instruments. Anti-ratings. Luv, 40+ Resources for Managing Your Money Online. Money.

40+ Resources for Managing Your Money Online

Whatever you think of it, you can't simply disregard it. Luckily, managing your finances today is easier than ever. We've collected over 40 tools and resources that will help you spend less, earn more and organize better. Budget organizers & Financial Planning Buxfer - Personal money tracking: keep track of how you spend your money and who owes you.BudgetTracker - track your transactions, bills, income and budget in one place. Invoice Management Freshbooks - a tool for tracking time and invoices; allows you to send invoices and receive money via PayPal and Authorize.Net.BlinkSale - a free online service that lets you create, send and track invoices.

Financial Trading & Investment Social Networks SocialPicks - A social stock-picking community: share ideas with others and track your investments. Salary Reports PayScale - Compare your salary to those with the same job.WageExchange - a social network where you can anonymously share your salary with other users and see how you stack up. iCompta : personal finance application for Mac OS X. Personal Finance Data, Money Advice, Trends, News and Community.

Here at Bundle, we believe that people deserve the truth about the places where we spend our money every day. Whether it's a restaurant, department store, or dry cleaner, Bundle helps you find out how good a place is before you go there. We believe that businesses should be rated by real data -- not just by people's subjective opinions. We use anonymous, aggregated spending data to rate businesses based on factors such as how often people go back, how many people go there and how much people actually spend. Using this data, we can learn a lot about whether a place is good, and further, whether a place is good for you. We believe this method of rating (combined with people's subjective opinions) allows us to make smarter decisions in the following ways: Bundle ratings remove bias and false reviews because they're based on actual spending information. We hope you enjoy using Bundle!

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