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Introducing The Backbone Boilerplate. Over the past year Bocoup has worked on several production applications that utilize the MVC library Backbone.js.

Introducing The Backbone Boilerplate

We’ve worked hard to give back to the community through informative blog posts, core contributions, support & evangelism through various mediums such as meetups, IRC and Twitter. Over the course of the past year, we created small boilerplates to share around the office and across projects. I recently began to organize this work into a canonical boilerplate for Backbone. Today, I’d like to introduce our Backbone Boilerplate: Backbone Boilerplate on GitHub → Extensions, Plugins, Resources · documentcloud/backbone Wiki. Dependencies Underscore.js Backbone's only hard dependency.

Extensions, Plugins, Resources · documentcloud/backbone Wiki

JSON2.js Needed if you'd like to parse and serialize JSON in older browsers (read: "Internet Explorer") jQuery. Addyosmani/backbone-aura.

Gbone.js | backbone.js - Plugins/Modules/Etc

Backbone Patterns. Tbranyen/backbone.layoutmanager - GitHub. Derickbailey/backbone.modelbinding - GitHub. PaulUithol/Backbone-relational - GitHub. Davidgtonge/backbone_query - GitHub. Tbranyen/backbone-boilerplate - GitHub. Lucian1900/Backbone.dualStorage - GitHub.