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Modèles RC avions, jets, planeurs, hélicoptères - Topmodel. Cartes de l'espace aérien pour les drones. The Tricopter V2_5 build. Ever since building the Tricopter V1 I’ve always tried to find ways to improve the construction.

The Tricopter V2_5 build

I always try new props, motors, esc’s, arm lengths, tail mechanism and such. Often I change stuff before each flight. Always in the quest to find the optimum setup for me. The Tricopter V2.5 is more of an alternative to the V2 than something completely new. It uses different motors, speed controllers and tail assembly. There is a new theme to the build: zip-ties. Enough talk, let’s build. I still like the V1 template and a friend of mine was nice enough to cut a few for me on his CNC machine for me.Due to popular demand I now offer pre-cut V1 tricopter frames!

Ballcopter! Hello everyone, I am pleased to introduce Ballcopter.


It doesn’t work. But it sure is cute, though. Look at how cute it is! Ballcopter was inspired by a recent Japanese experimental ball shaped drone which made the rounds on the Internets about a month and some ago (though it appears to have been in development for a year or more). Team BlackSheep Online Store - Premium FPV components and solutions. RCTESTFLIGHT - Motor Configuration Efficiency Testing. Propeller Shroud Project. Since several months, my interest in shrouded propeller is increasing, and I started to prototype a shroud.

Propeller Shroud Project

What are the advantage of a shrouded propeller? We can list 3 main points: 1 - Increased thrust, compared to the same unshrouded prop. (Possible gain 30% to 100%) 2 - Propeller protection. This adds security and allows to "touch" a wall, by example. 3 - Reduced noise. The propeller tip overpressure/underpressure vortex is encaged. The prototype is for a 10'' prop, and several pitch will be tested. If there is an interest, I plan to design a CAD/CAM plastic mold, to produce such shroud in quantity. Here is the ready to assemble shroud. The next step is the shroud/frame/motor assembly.

Magazine de l'aéromodélisme et du modélisme. FatShark PredatorV2 RTF FPV Headset System w/Camera and 5.8G TX. Hobbyking and Fat Shark are proud to introduce the easiest and best value RTF FPV system available, the Predator V2.

FatShark PredatorV2 RTF FPV Headset System w/Camera and 5.8G TX

The Predator V2 delivers a rewarding FPV experience for everyone at an affordable price. We have included a new high power 250mW 5.8 GHz A/V transmitter and a wide angle CMOS camera for simple fixed camera video piloting. The Predator V2 addresses the needs of the first time FPV pilot by pre-wiring and testing the camera, transmitter and power supply adapter as a complete system giving you a true RTF out of the box and plug/play with your RC vehicle. As a result of our diligent testing and years of continuous product improvement, the Predator V2 has incorporated Fat Sharks latest technology giving you the security of a solid video link and an amazing 1+ kilometer range right out of the box!

5.8G 600mw 32CH VTXRX [58600 32CHTXRX] - $110.00 : FOXTECH FPV SYSTEM. CopterControl Platform - - The Next Generation Open Source UAV Autopilot. The CopterControl & CC3D boards are an all-in-one stabilization hardware which runs the OpenPilot firmware.

CopterControl Platform - - The Next Generation Open Source UAV Autopilot

It can fly any airframe from fixed wing to an octocopter and is configured and monitored using the OpenPilot Ground Control Station (GCS) software. The retail CC3D board comes with everything pictured above, 3D printable cases are available for extra physical protection. In 2012 the Original CopterControl boards were discontinued due to lack of available gyro sensors, The board was slightly revised and released with a new gyro sensor that is less effected by temperature changes.

The new revision is called CC3D, other than the single sensor it is identical to the original CopterControl. Both CopterControl & CC3D boards are 100% compatible when updated to the v3 bootloader. The CopterControl hardware has the following features: Flexiport CopterControl also offers the innovative Flexi-port which provides either I2C connectivity or a second serial port.

== Bienvenue sur le site du CONCEPT COLAB SYSTEM'S == Calculer son modèle réduit. Aéromodélisme RC Techniques et conception La contrôlabilité et la stabilité Lien vers « Sauver un animal » Sommaire général Auteur : Philippe Kauffmann Version initiale : mars 2006.

Calculer son modèle réduit

HoryzonHD Full HD 1080p FPV camera V3 [HoryzonHD V3] - $160.00 : FOXTECH FPV SYSTEM. Please kindly notice that V3 purchased after June 2013 can't be reflashed below No Icons Firmware,we will release latest No Icons Firmware soon.

HoryzonHD Full HD 1080p FPV camera V3 [HoryzonHD V3] - $160.00 : FOXTECH FPV SYSTEM

*HoryzonHD V3 Recovery Software: Download*HoryzonHD V3(Purchased after June,2013) Firmware(No recording red point) : Download*HoryzonHD V3 12.26 Firmware(For recovery only, not for FC_1.12 firmware upgrade): Download*HoryzonHD V3 No icons Firmware(Purchased before April,10,2013): Download*HoryzonHD V3 No icons Firmware(Purchased after April,10,2013): DownloadDO NOT inter-use the firmware or it will cause crash.Dedicated Thread on RCG: (RCTESTFLIGHT) (RCMODELREVIEWS) Features of V3 plus: Open box: The new V2 V-Reg with protection circuit to avoid over voltage and reverse polarity. Note:There are few differents between all of the produts and pictures,subject to our available products. Fpv4ever - Vente en ligne de matériel d'immersion et de multirotors - Fpv4ever. Fournisseurs. Uav. Tecnique de construction modelisme.