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Forum Militaire. Indian Defence Forum. Discuss the Indian Air Force doctrine.

Indian Defence Forum

Induction of fighters, helicopters and other military aircraft. Technical comparison of Radar systems and AEW&C Discussion on Indian Army's war-fighting capabilities and operational readiness. Procurement of small arms, artillery and armoured fighting vehicles. Transformation of the Indian Navy into a blue water force. Covers missiles and missile defence, cyber-security and network centric warfare, Space and Nuclear assets along with other leading edge military technology To discuss the indigenous defence industry, war gaming, military scenarios and any topics that don't fit in other subfora Issues affecting Indian internal security like militancy in Kashmir, the Maoist/Naxalite insurgency and events causing ethnic/religious strife. Discuss Indian domestic politics, legislative, legal issues and any event having a beneficial/detrimental effect on society as a whole. Debate the effectiveness of Indian diplomacy and foreign relations.

Characteristics of canard & non canard fighters. Other advantages of LEX include reduced AOA at the under-strake air intakes (see Chapter 2) and reduced transonic aerodynamic centre shift, giving lower supersonic trim drag at high g.

characteristics of canard & non canard fighters

In its test programme the YF-17 demonstrated a far wider range of flying attitudes than had ever before been attained by a comparable aircraft: designed to remain fully controllable up to 45° AOA, it was in fact flown to 63° without showing any sign of departure tendencies. It also achieved a manoeuvre combining sideslip and AOA of 36° and 40° respectively. Compound-sweep deltas Then, in mid-1980, the USAF defined a more immediate requirement for an improved ground attack aircraft to succeed the F-4 and F-111. General Dynamics shifted its sights to this goal and changed certain details of its cranked-arrow wing to meet the new requirement. The changes affected the camber, twist and trailing-edge reflex, optimising the wing for supersonic speed at low level.

Click to expand... Greek Turkish Affairs Forum -> Rafale vs Eurofighter. g4lly: ses vidéos sur Dailymotion. Secret Projects Forum - Index.

Soutien rafale

The International Rafale forum. List of Rafale built/delivered Firstly, I would like to thank the people (spotters) at Delta Reflex, I update this list regularly with their informations. Each Rafale is affected to the airbase ESTA squadron (technical support squadron) and are allocated to each squadron according to missions or maintainance requirements. List of squadrons and airbases using Rafale : BA 113 Saint Dizier : EC 1/7 Provence + EC 1/91 Gascogne + ETR 2/92 AquitaineBA118 Mont-de-Marsan : ECE 5/330 Côte d'Argent + EC 2.30 Normandie NiémenBA 104 Al Dhafra : EC 3/30 LorraineThis means that any Rafale from the BA 113 can be used by either the Provence, the Gascogne or the Aquitaine, for example.

Technology demonstratorA : Châteaudun (static diplays, won't fly anymore) Eurofighter @ View topic - Rafale & MMRCA News and Discussions-9 August, 2014. News & Discussions [Thread 2] Modern Military Aviation - Key Publishing Ltd Aviation Forums. V2.0 - Accueil. Le portail des passionnés d'aviation. Instabilité Typhoon vs Rafale. Je me suis amusé à faire quelques recherches pour essayer de démêler le vrai du faux, le Typhoon étant censé être beaucoup plus instable.

Instabilité Typhoon vs Rafale

Pour commencer : Le positionnement du train principal par rapport au nez de l'avion est identique, ce qui implique que la position du centre de gravité (forcément en avant des roues) doit être comparable à peu de choses près. Ensuite, on peut chercher à déterminer le centre aérodynamique, basé sur la corde aérodynamique moyenne (mean aerodynamic chord : MAC). La méthode est empirique, mais utilisée par les modélistes. La ligne bleue joignant le bord d'attaque au bord de fuite est la fameuse MAC. Quoiqu'il en soit, la zone couverte est au même endroit sur les deux avions, et comme le centre de gravité doit se trouver entre le centre aérodynamique et les roues du train principal (pour obtenir un avion instable), le taux d'instabilité doit à priori être comparable.

Ce qui amène à la position des empennages canard du Typhoon. Voir le forum - Avions militaires. Performances du Rafale.