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PWP (AKA Predominantly Porn or Porn Without Plot) Fucking Machine (Steve/Tony) Loki/Tony. Avengers Fanfiction. Clint/Tony. Silk Collars. Does Joss Whedon Write Your Dialogue? - longdarkteatime - The Avengers (2012. Chapter Text Clint entered the living room to find a mostly penitent and shell-shocked group of superheroes and civilians, the exception being Thor, who was just confused.

Does Joss Whedon Write Your Dialogue? - longdarkteatime - The Avengers (2012

“Let me see if I understand this right. All of you, every last one of you, decided that my delicate sensibilities were in such danger that, let me repeat, every last one of you had to terrorize and threaten my boyfriend. And not one of you, goddamned superheroes every last one of you, noticed that, hey. Tony’s actually fucking terrorized! Clint broke off shouting and scrubbed his hands over his face. Pepper cleared her throat. Steve/Tony.

Tales of the Bots - scifigrl47 - The Avengers (2012. Phil Coulson's Case Files of the Toasterverse - scifigrl47 - The Avengers (2012. Coffee into Theorems - Chapter 1 - BladeoftheNebula - Marvel Avengers Movies Universe. Chapter Text Despite saving the world and defeating Loki, the Avengers aren’t instantly friends.

Coffee into Theorems - Chapter 1 - BladeoftheNebula - Marvel Avengers Movies Universe

It’s not exactly surprising. The circumstances weren’t really ripe for getting to be buds. Seriously, Tony doesn’t even get to properly meet Barton until they go for shawarma. Irreconcilable Differences - determamfidd - The Avengers (2012), Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Twice-Told Tale. Tony/Bruce. Other Pairings. I Will Protect You (Tony/Coulson at end) There was a pre-arranged signal.

I Will Protect You (Tony/Coulson at end)

Every time one of Tony's team-mates ran a finger down his back while they were all in the common area, he knew what was going to happen that night; and depending on who it was, he now knew how to prepare himself. Sure, he didn't resist the first month. The Avengers was comprised of six of the hottest people Tony had ever met (including himself), not to mention they were wicked powerful.

Tony Stark. Ironman Powers. Tony Centric Gen. In the Company of Friends. Tony Stark felt like crap.

In the Company of Friends

Turning over onto his back, he let out a long, low groan and stretched out all his limbs, none of them coming close to the edges of his king sized bed. The mattress shifted beneath him, the soft, warm sheets pooling around his body. It couldn’t be morning, he thought. He didn’t care what Jarvis said. Age Gap. Here's a challenge.

Age Gap

Okay, the next update will be either Abnormality or Underrate Risks. I've had to re-do the chapters for both nearly 3 times, i can't get it right! I've always thought that i should do a challenge like this. Smoke, Diamonds, and Ashes. Hey guys!

Smoke, Diamonds, and Ashes

Even though I said that I am now a strictly one-shot author, an idea struck me a week ago and I've been itching to write it. Perspective. A/N: Thanks to the people at TBB for the beta.


Also thanks to VLeRoux for making me lol with the best reactions while I tortured her with Tony feels. This was originally based off a prompt for someone to see the aftermath of a Tony de-aging fic, and I've been hankering to write one forever. Underrate Risks. Alright!

Underrate Risks

First of- This story is complete. Second of all- I'm going by on a cleaning check, just to clarify a few typo's here and there. Due to the unavailability of the copy and paste option now, i actually have to re-type every chapter. Please be patient. Anyways- not relationships in this story. Covered. Tony ... woke.


Ish. Sort of. Depressing (Suicidal!Tony, Self Harm, Addiction, etc.) Burning Candles. "My candle's burning at both ends It will not last the night.

Burning Candles

But Oh my foes, and Ah my friends It sheds a lovely light. " - Enda St. Vincent Millay. A Savior Named Honey. Star-Spangled Pillboxes (Suicide Attempt) It happens as a sort of flashback, flashforward. Howard throwing the wine glass. Apropos Of Nothing - Gir_Hugs - Multifandom. Chapter Text Pulling into the vehicle annex, Coulson sighed in relief to finally be back at headquarters. The drive had been much more stressful than he would have liked, but now he could dump his burden off in Fury’s lap and have the Director deal with him. Hopefully. Coulson’s shoes tapped across the cement as he strode to the back of the SUV. And the Sky is Grey. Chapter Text Steve watches Tony swan out of the meeting room, poking at a tablet with gloved hands.

He's dressed in a custom-tailored suit that probably costs more than Steve can rationally think about – it would have to be custom; the jacket is far thicker than any other suit jacket Steve's ever seen, and he finds himself envious of how warm it looks even as he's irritated by that exact same fact. Bend and Break. Six hours after shawarma, two hours after the endless debriefing with Director Fury, Steve found himself in SHIELD Medical, explaining for the ninth time that he was fine, he would be just fine, thank you very much.

It was starting to get old. He knew the wound in his stomach looked bad, and it didn't exactly feel great – but he also knew that it was already starting to heal, and there was really nothing the SHIELD personnel could do. The Seat of Memory (Mentions of Child Abuse) It's not about the chair, Tony thinks as he stares at the broken remains. It's about so much more than the stupid chair. The chair had been Howard's from the mansion on 5th Avenue. It was a dark, rich piece of furniture, with smooth crimson leather, overstuffed with plush that still held the faint scent of cigar smoke even all these years later. Tony had placed it in the corner of the living room of the penthouse suite, near the fireplace so that the imagined cigar scent would never be lost entirely.

During Loki's attack, the chair had been completely destroyed. The Voyage of Longing (Howard/Tony, Abuse?) Unique. Different Tony. Having Everything yet Nothing. Summary: Tony didn't want to deal with this shitstorm. Bloody Feathers. Hey everyone! This is a challenge requested: You know all of those Vampire and Werewolf fics out there? Sivaas. Cardio. Mutant Emotions (WIP, Mutant Tony) Abnormality. Flying on High. Tony Stark? No! I'm Anthony Winchester! Chapter 1, a Supernatural + Avengers Crossover fanfic.