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Augmented ID: Augmented Reality Facial Recognition for Mobile. As mobile phones continue to develop, the improvements to geolocation features, video capabilities, and processor speed combined with APIs from various web services are helping to make augmented reality the next big thing in mobile applications.

Augmented ID: Augmented Reality Facial Recognition for Mobile

On open platforms like Android, we've already seen amazing developments, including things like Layar, an augmented reality app that describes the world around you, and TwittARound, an app which shows you nearby tweets. But one of the items on our Augmented Reality wishlist - AU facial recognition - isn't something we've seen come about just yet. It almost seems too futuristic to be real. And it is. Swedish software and design company The Astonishing Tribe is developing an AU concept called Augmented ID that "sees" people and tells you who they are.

How Augmented ID Works AugmentedID uses facial recognition and tracking technology from a company called Polar Rose, a photo tagging startup. Current Limitations and Future Possibilities. Devs Hack iPhone API for True Augmented Reality. An international team of computer scientists has created software that lets anyone perform on-the-fly analysis of live streaming video on the iPhone.

Devs Hack iPhone API for True Augmented Reality

Used alongside existing methods of displaying data on top of the camera's view, this new functionality signals a fundamental change in the kinds of Augmented Reality (AR) that iPhone developers can create. Existing AR apps, like Yelp, Layar, Wikitude and others display data on top of a camera's view but don't actually analyze what the camera sees. This new development changes that. The Wall Has Fallen: 3 Augmented Reality Apps Now Live in iPhone. First Paris Metro, then Yelp, now London Buses.

The Wall Has Fallen: 3 Augmented Reality Apps Now Live in iPhone

The newest is even selling database layers through in-app purchases. RobotVision: A Bing-powered iPhone Augmented Reality Browser. Bing Local Search has some interesting features you won't find in Google, so the prospect of seeing Bing listings appear on top of your iPhone's camera viewer when you point at a restaurant or business is intriguing.

RobotVision: A Bing-powered iPhone Augmented Reality Browser

IPhone Augmented Reality Apps Expected in September. The dazzling new trend of "augmented reality" mobile applications, software that puts layers of information on top of a mobile device's camera viewer, is something that's left iPhone owners feeling out of luck.

IPhone Augmented Reality Apps Expected in September

Now one company developing such an app says Apple has said the technology required will be officially enabled in the next version of the iPhone OS - which is expected out in September. Developers are able to access the necessary controls in the phone illicitly, but when Apple offers a stable and official Application Programming Interface (API) for layering data over the camera viewer - that's going to be game changing. The particular app in question is a subway route finder that shows route signs when you point your phone one direction or another.

The list of possibilities is long, though, so we hope this September date is for real. Iphonearkit - Project Hosting on Google Code. Open Letter to Apple: Let us Augment Reality with the iPhone! « A letter sent to Apple Developer Relations. Dear Apple, We are a collection of augmented reality (AR) enthusiasts and professionals (from business and academia), who have been working on a multitude of AR apps for the iPhone. These apps are poised to change the way people interact with the real world. But here is the rub: we are currently unable to publish these apps on the app store because the iPhone SDK lacks public APIs for manipulating live video. We are asking Apple to provide a public API to access live video in real time, on the iPhone. The impact of augmented reality (AR) on our lives could be as significant as the introduction of the PC.

Looking back just a few years, AR pioneers had to hack a slew of components into ridiculously large backpacks and HUDs, and be confined to rigged environments. The battle to determine the winning device has already begun; a public API to access live video will give the iPhone a lucrative ticket to compete. I.document » Blog Archive » TwittARound. 07.07.2009 by Michael.

i.document » Blog Archive » TwittARound

How Would You Like Your Own, Personal iPhone App? From InfoMedia , the makers of iFart (an odd reference point, I know, but they obviously know something about creating a popular iPhone app) comes an interesting concept. CEO of InfoMedia Joel Comm claims that the iPhone applications platform is ripe for personal, branded applications which will help users stay in touch with your persona or company.

As an example, Joel has created his own, personal application which can be found in the App Store. They’ve taken the concept a step further, however, allowing everyone to create their own personal app without any effort or programming knowledge. The idea is explained in detail over at , and although pricing plans aren’t available yet (InfoMedia claims they will be available mid January 2009), you can already apply for your personal app.

The actual application consists of a branded splash screen with a message of the day. Interested in more iPhone resources? iPhone Forum - alles over de Apple iPhone en iPhone 3G. Jailbreak + Unlock - Page - iPhoneFreakz. This is a no nonsense guide to start jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone.

Jailbreak + Unlock - Page - iPhoneFreakz

For this tutorial i’m using iLiberty+ and i must say that this app is really the best that i’ve used so far. I’ll show you a exact howto. 1) Download the latest version of iLiberty+ from here. 2) Install the app and run it after the installation. 3) On the opening screen, enable the Jailbreak, Activate, Youtube fix, Unlock, Downgrade bootloader and Cydia. 4) click on Advanced. and then on Available on repo. [ad#inblog]