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Christmas Tree Book Display @ Anthropologie. Children,book,bird,drawing,illustration,illustrations,child-fdf45c309a76d3bda20103f883ac695e_h.jpg (JPEG Image, 340 × 454 pixels) Templates for 4 colour offset business cards, postcards, bookmarks, flyers and brochures. Free tools for working with digital colors. Kuler. Color me crazy - 10 best online color tools. If you're tackling some graphic design project or maybe even your wall decor, getting color hints from ready made color templates from professional designers can be useful.

Color me crazy - 10 best online color tools

Below are 10 of the better sites to help you out on your design challenge. ColorCombos - nice color palettes to choose from. If there's a particular website whose colors you want to snag, check out their "Grab Website Colors" engine. You just input the URL of the site you're reviewing and ColorCombos extracts the palette for you. Palettes. Color Combinations. _lh2grjr97G1qbd1nko1_250.gif (GIF Image, 234x387 pixels) Allison lehman : show + tell / 30 Day Drawing Challenge. Last week I saw this pin on Pinterest and I instantly loved the idea.

allison lehman : show + tell / 30 Day Drawing Challenge

Starting May 1st, I’ll be taking the challenge and posting a drawing per day here on my blog each afternoon. If you’d like to do it on your own, please please do! Art video of the month - LIGHT SCULPTURES. Amazing Pop Up Card Tutorial. Spend It Wisely. Xmas Frog. UNCANNY X-MEN #508 Wolverine Art Appreciation variant cover by Laura Martin in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. Video. Please Don’t Promise Me Forever. Imagine this: It’s 1976 and you’re dating a man named Rick.

Please Don’t Promise Me Forever

He has a mustache and owns at least one reindeer sweater. High off of reading The Easter Parade and The Great Santini, he’s all pumped up to write the next great American novel but, to make ends meet, he’s currently working for Hallmark. 897721230032485.jpg (JPEG Image, 600x926 pixels) - Scaled (61. _lkv0onc4yp1qbrouvo1_500.jpg (JPEG Image, 439x600 pixels) - Scaled (95%) Fs-94.jpg (JPEG Image, 600x374 pixels) Lackadaisy. Creative Logos With Hidden Symbolism. Earthlights2_dmsp_big.jpg (JPEG Image, 2400x1200 pixels) - Scaled (47. 8 Photoshop Tricks I Wish I Knew when I was a Student. Photoshop is one of the (if not THE) most well known software used in the design industry when it comes to manipulating images and pixels.

8 Photoshop Tricks I Wish I Knew when I was a Student

As a web designer I had some Photoshop lessons at school but that was 2 years ago. Today the software has evolved, more options are available, and I also learn a few tricks while practicing.