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Euclidean MIDI Patterns · Wouter Hisschemöller. Screenshot.

Euclidean MIDI Patterns · Wouter Hisschemöller

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Liste de festivals axés Arts Numériques. Financements. Studios FR & lyonnais. Questionnements. Data visualisation. Beaux Projets Arts Numériques. La création numérique vers un art de l'immersion. Course Catalog. L’art numérique existe-t-il ? L’art numérique existe-t-il ?

L’art numérique existe-t-il ?

C’est une des questions que pose le numéro de la revue bilingue Art Press 2 du mois de mai, intitulé "L'art dans le tout numérique" (le lancement est prévu le 4 juin prochain au Centre des arts d'Enghien -les-Bains qui a collaboré au numéro et publie un supplément ). Le numéro se prolonge en ligne avec les textes de Warren Sack, Lev Manovitch, Franck Cormerais. Question passionnante car elle en engage bien d’autres : à partir du moment où la technologie devient si présente qu’elle est un outil largement répandue dans la création artistique, qu’elle est un objet de discours de plus en plus courant en art, et qu’elle modifie le rapport au monde de nous tous, et donc de tous les artistes, il paraît de plus en plus difficile de considérer qu’il existe une sorte de catégorie artistique qu’on appelle « arts numériques ». La question serait alors de savoir quelle place occuperait l’arrivée du numérique dans l’histoire de l’art : celle d’un médium ?

Friday Late ‘Sound It Out’: Boiler Room Reflections. The first Friday Late of 2014, 'Sound It Out', saw an incredible 5812 visitors to the Museum to experience a night dedicated to the exploration of music's relationship to technology - from analogue to digital, from live streaming to digital manipulation.

Friday Late ‘Sound It Out’: Boiler Room Reflections

A large part of the evening's success, no doubt, was the involvement of Boiler Room. Showcasing the most exciting new electronic music scene via the world's largest online music platform, Boiler Room has become a global phenomenon. Here, Boiler Room offer up some reflections from the evening as well as presenting videos from three of the performers, Rival Consoles, Eli Keszler & Helm and Steven Warwick, specially recorded from the night. Behind the Scenes at Friday Late ‘Sound It Out’ The V Motion Project.

A 250' Telescope Hosts Brian Eno's Generative Projection Art. Photo credit: Bluman Associates The Lovell Telescope has sat in the northwest of England for nearly 60 years, searching through the depths of space and helping to discover quasars, examine pulsars and starburst galaxies, and study the cosmic microwave background, and it was the first telescope to unearth the supposed starless 'dark galaxy' VIRGOHI21.

A 250' Telescope Hosts Brian Eno's Generative Projection Art

Just recently, as part of the Bluedot festival, the iconic landmark was home to a monumental version of Brian Eno's artwork 77 Million Paintings. Bjö Enjeux et structuration d'une "filière" art numérique. 8 femmes d’art numérique. Symbiosis - Mr Sakitumi & The Grrrl collab with Bad Weather and C&S. UVB-76. UVB-76, also known as "the Buzzer", is the nickname given by radio listeners to a shortwave radio station that broadcasts on the frequency 4625 kHz.[1][2] It broadcasts a short, monotonous buzz tone , repeating at a rate of approximately 25 tones per minute, 24 hours per day.[1] Sometimes, the buzzer signal is interrupted and a voice transmission in Russian takes place.[3] The first reports were made of a station on this frequency in 1982.[4] Its origins have been traced to Russia, and although several theories with varying degrees of plausibility exist, its actual purpose has never been officially confirmed and remains a source of speculation.[5] The name[edit]


It's Singing Pavement That Serenades Your Shadow. A small stretch of pavement in Mesa, Arizona brings a spontaneous concert to the community in the latest project by Quebecoise design collective Daily tous les jours.

It's Singing Pavement That Serenades Your Shadow

Mesa Musical Shadows consists of a series of interactive sidewalk tiles at the Mesa Arts Center embedded with sensors and microphones that emit melodic sounds in accordance to the ebb and flow of surrounding shadows. The sounds produced are dependent on both the shape of the shadows and the time of day the project is encountered, resulting in a dynamic experience each time you visit the sidewalk. The Future of VR Will Be Social, Culturally Diverse—Oh, and It's Already Here.

Still from The Rose and I by Eugene Chung, Jimmy Maidens, Alex Woo.

The Future of VR Will Be Social, Culturally Diverse—Oh, and It's Already Here

Images courtesy New Frontier. James Turrell Illuminates a Memorial Chapel in a Berlin Cemetery. What better way to memorialize the dead than with a serene, contemplative light installation by James Turrell?

James Turrell Illuminates a Memorial Chapel in a Berlin Cemetery

The prolific light artist currently has a show on view in Berlin, inside the memorial chapel of the Dorotheenstadt Cemetery. Digital #MediaArt(s) Numérique(s) The Serious Relationship of Art and Technology. Both technology and art define and continue to reshape the world we live in.

The Serious Relationship of Art and Technology

Re-imagining what we know as real or as a solid ground, pushes not only our opinions and understandings of nature to the limits, but with new inventions and experiments, both the mind and the body, the language, and the world itself seems to be making room for a new sphere and new rules. Governed by the new aesthetics, the virtual, the scientific and the logic that is beyond belief, technology in art challenges our perceptions and that is what creativity and science are all about.

If we are to understand that art reflects the period of time we are all in, how are we to grasp the growing number of young contemporary artists that base their practice on the presentation of immaterial and ephemeral things? Steina and Woody Vasulka – Feed Fields Back, selected still frames. Image via Akinori Goto at Spiral Independent Creators Festival 2016.

Looking at Music. Our Time - United Visual Artists 2016. Fluxus. Peter Greenaway - From Pillow Book to VJ : Ellen's Blog. Seems like Peter Greenaway has gone techno wild.

Peter Greenaway - From Pillow Book to VJ : Ellen's Blog

I don't know about the claims from his PR office that "Live Cinema Was Born" but something did happen for sure. ''In 2005 Peter Greenaway, director of film classics like The Pillow Book, The Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover, Prospero's books and The Tulse Luper Suitcases, demonstrated in Amsterdam his first VJ performance during the NOTV visual art club evening. On music by a DJ, 'VJ' Greenaway used for his set a unique VJ system consisting of a specially developed large plasma screen with touchscreen.

This way Greenaway projected the 92 Tulse Luper stories live on the 12 venue screens in a multi-screen way and mixed the images in real time. NoTV Visual Music - - Peter Greenaway - Live Cinema. Peter Greenaway's LUPERCYCLOPEDIA premiere Sani, Greece, summer 2010. Laurie Anderson. Anderson is a pioneer in electronic music and has invented several devices that she has used in her recordings and performance art shows.[4] In 1977, she created a tape-bow violin that uses recorded magnetic tape on the bow instead of horsehair and a magnetic tape head in the bridge. In the late 1990s, she developed a talking stick, a six-foot (1.8 m) long baton-like MIDI controller that can access and replicate sounds.[9] Early life and education[edit] Lyon Digital Art & lnterdisciplinary Media (Lyon) FLAIR - Design for Creation & Research. XLR Project.

List of Physical Visualizations. Data physicalization : l’entrée en matière des données. Des pièces d’argile mésopotamiennes vieilles de plus de 7 000 ans à l’écran sous vos yeux, le besoin de quantifier et représenter des données a toujours accompagné l’être humain.

L'émulation actuelle autour du sujet de la data physicalization (matérialisation de données) est liée à différents facteurs techniques, artistiques et sociaux. On peut citer notamment le développement des Fablabs, la vulgarisation des logiciels de visualisation de données et le besoin toujours constant pour nous, êtres humains, de privilégier le contact physique pour mieux ressentir et comprendre l’environnement qui nous entoure. Data visualization ou data physicalization ? La data physicalization est une branche de la data visualization mettant l'accent sur la perception physique des données.

Création numérique. Les thématiques.