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Stephen Lucas: Composer, Performer, Video Artist. Louise Sass: Current. James fowler abstract art – let’s chat! on roadside scholar. Posted by the scholar on February 14th, 2008filed under: art, let's chat!

james fowler abstract art – let’s chat! on roadside scholar

, paintings look at these abstract paintings from canadian artist james fowler. the obsessive compositions are intricately crafted and orderly and are softened by the vibrant color palettes. unlike piet mondrian, the king of neo-plasticism, these pieces are less rigid with their looser lines, and break from the traditional exclusive use of primary colors. however, similar to others in the cubist-inspired movement, they tell graphic horizontal and vertical stories, which in turn create mazes in my mind. as my eye traces those details that twist and wind around, a gateway to mysterious stories opens that i could spend hours trying to unravel. let’s have a chat with james and find out a bit more! El CURIOT's Photostream.


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Think Faest! » By Artists,For Artists.About & LinksSend UsYour News!

My name is Dustin Amery Hostetler and I’m a graphic artist, curator and editor/publisher of Faesthetic, one the best Art zines in the universe! This is a blog about things I like, love and obsess over (mostly art.) I’m surrounded by amazing people and projects, and I want to share them with you… Daniel Fishel, Porous Walker and Greg Harris also contribute. In addition, Ulises Farinas offers his unique perspective on the comic book industry. Xavier Hufkens, Brussels - Artists.

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