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Why Social Media In 2009 Is Like The Telephone In The 1890’s « T. The first telephone came out in 1875.

Why Social Media In 2009 Is Like The Telephone In The 1890’s « T

It started becoming popular in the 1890’s. Social media sites have been around since the early 2000’s (although the term “social media” was coined closer to 2006) and is clearly on a major rise especially with Facebook announcing they have reached 350 million users yesterday. A brief history of social network enterprise collaboration tools. Social networking has become an integral part of office life.

A brief history of social network enterprise collaboration tools

These commercial tools – Facebook, Twitter, etc. – are being used by more than half of employees, according to one study. But some companies have taken a reactive stance against these tools due to privacy or transparency concerns, and the number of companies selling tools specifically for enterprise continues to increase. How to tell a story via Social Media. While most of us use Twitter and other social media for sharing what we’re doing (or indeed “What’s happening“) some use it to tell stories.

How to tell a story via Social Media

Let’s take a look at some of the ways social media can be used to tell a tale, from serialised novels to a multimedia approach. The “Twitter Novel” One method of story-telling via social media is the straightforward novel. 9 Digital Trends For 2010: Branding Strategy Insider - Flock. 1: Facebook replaces personal email Question: Google has it, Hoover has it (in the UK anyway), TiVo had it, lost it and has somewhat got it back.

9 Digital Trends For 2010: Branding Strategy Insider - Flock

Xerox had it, but nobody really cares anymore. So what is it? It's when a brand name becomes the verb associated with its use. So rather than searching, you Google, or TiVo when digital recording a television show. The newest one would seem to Facebook, although it has too meanings. 'I Facebooked you' could mean that you the person has added you as a Facebook friend or they sent you a private message though Facebook. So the interesting and overlooked disruption of Facebook is its displacement of personal email as a communication tool. 2: Open source software starts making proper money, thanks to the cloud There's something starting to happen within the open source software world.

An example is Beanstalk a fully hosted, version controlled code repository that uses the Subversion open source project. Give Before You Get - Flock. After recently updating some visuals to my Flickr collection, it occurred to me how much of my precious time has gone into producing these artifacts only to "give" them away (specifically for use of blogging and presentations—I ask for attribution, a link is always appreciated). I've had hundreds of people come up to me and tell me they've used my content to further their business more or less. People have benefited off me. But I've benefited off them as well, as I've enjoyed stimulating career opportunities and even received some help when we needed it.

This is a value exchange—a sort of currency that fuels an ever increasing networked economy. The Relationship Economy...... - Flock. The Relationship Economy...... - Flo. Use of social media will continue to cause problems for businesses.

The Relationship Economy...... - Flo

The initial problem is trying to control it. Then the next problem is not understanding how to leverage it. All problem situations, regardless of the specific kind of problem, have the same general structure. The three elements of this structure are: 1. the problem state 2. the solved state, and 3. the solution path. Seven Things to Consider Prior to Launching Your Business Blog - S In many ways building a business blog is like designing a rolling ball sculpture.

Seven Things to Consider Prior to Launching Your Business Blog -

Rolling ball sculptures also known as kinetic sculptures are so engaging because of the visual and aural spectacle -- following intricate roller coaster paths, clinging and clanging along the way. But the basic element is they are designed for perpetual motion. The same goes for your business blog and the basic key to success is to plan for it to be a perpetual outlet for remarkable content. Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country. OK in a ‘top list’ mode at moment and browsing the definitive AdAge media and marketing top 1000 I noticed even more than usual, the dominance of the most communicative country on the planet, the US.

Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country

In fact of the top 500, the US counts for 327 – so I crunched the numbers and using the wonders of TextWrangler, filtered out leaders from the rest of the world, the other 173 (who write English) . It produced some interesting top tables and results. Who are the other leading countries, opinionated voices, insightful perspectives, top communicators in media and marketing blogs? Which countries are missing? Who are the leading voices in each country? Is It Possible To Outsource Social Media? I ran across an interesting tweet just now… It was a simple one-liner with a link to a page about outsourcing your social media profiles.

Is It Possible To Outsource Social Media?

I had an idea that the social media outsourcing statistics would show an increase in participation at some point – but it’s awfully early, don’t you think! Now normally, I don’t pay these sorts of things much attention. I just scroll right on by them. But today, I decided to take a look at the page the link was pointing to. On the page, there was some copy about outsourcing your Twitter profile building and your Facebook friend getting… 20,000 followers in a month… 1,000 friends in 2 weeks… All for the measly price of $5,000. 10 Things You Need To Stop Tweeting About - Flock. 13 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Worth Your Time - Flock. When comparing social media traffic to other forms of traffic, such as search engine, the numbers typically are going to look rather bleak.

13 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Worth Your Time - Flock

While you’ll hopefully see a spike in number of visitors and pageviews, that will often be accompanied by higher bounce rates, lower pageviews per visitor, and a lower average time on the site. 10 of the Best Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs - Flock. This series is supported by Grasshopper, the Virtual Phone System designed for entrepreneurs.

10 of the Best Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs - Flock

Learn more about Grasshopper at Whether your company is just starting out, just starting to turn a profit or already on the verge of an acquisition, as an entrepreneur you'll be constantly evaluating the tools that will help get your business to the next stage. Even if the ink on the business plan isn't dry yet, you want to be armed with the social media tools that will play an important role in company communication, product and brand promotions, and business development for your startup. 8 great digg-like social networks for designers in 2008. Best and Worst Practices Social Media Marketing - Online Marketi. Social media is hot, just take a look at Google Trends to see the comparison between topics like “search marketing” being eclipsed by “social media” in terms of search volume and news references – at least according to Google.

How to Change the World Using Social Media. 15 Popular Online Marketing Tools and Resources. Is Social Media the Final Frontier of Marketing? » Techipedia. This is a guest post from Pierre Far, who recently launched a very cool program called Social Alerter which notifies you as soon as your website has a solid chance of hitting the Digg or frontpage. We have all engaged in debates over the past few years about social media. Is it new? If so, how? Even a recent thread on Cre8asite Forums discussed this, kicking off by someone stating they find social media very intimidating.

Then and Now In the good old days, say from the 1850s onwards, marketing was mostly a one way “communication”: companies advertized their wares via local media like newspapers, magazines, and traveling salespeople. With advent of commercial radio (and TV later) and the rise of national magazines and newspapers, the media became truly about the masses. Social Media Marketing Roundup. Social Media Optimization — Merging of Traditional Media, SEM an.