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Sun Xun & Escape Into Life Sun Xun & Escape Into Life Artist Bio Juxtaposing the traditional techniques of hand-drawn animation with new media, Sun Xun, a Chinese artist born in 1980 recently risen to critical acclaim in Hangzhou and internationally. While attending the China Academy of Fine Arts, he started off learning the art of print-making, but he soon developed an intense interest in moving images that led him to found his own animation studio in 2006. Sun Xun produces a multitude of drawings that incorporate text within the image for his animation. And his subjects range from elements of world history and politics, to natural organisms.
Tarik Mikou - Print, Design n Photography!
LED light spray halo by aissa logerot
sep 09, 2010 tell no one: seaweed tell no one is the collaborative name of london based filmmakers luke white and remi weeke. the two recently began to blog their creative process, showing the behind the scenes of the video experiments including seaweed. this short video consists of a single person, slowly moving around the frame, leaving aspects of the body in place as they continue to move. the layers of video slowly accumulate and sway in motion together, creating an effect which aims to mimics seaweed. while the images of this video demonstrate the effect, seeing it in motion is a must.

tell no one: seaweed

tell no one: seaweed
Sand Art