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Patek style tenor banjo. Bluegrass%20Rolls%20for%20Fingerstyle%20Tenor%20Banjo. Introduction to Tenor Banjo and Tenor Guitar with Dear Old Dad : Pat Costello. Steve Caddick demonstrates how to do the "Boom Chick" Stroke on tenor banjo. Irish Tenor Banjo Technique Lesson from Online Academy of Irish Music with Paddy Cummins. The Irish Tenor Banjo. Irish Washerwoman - Banjo Tabs. Tenpenny Bit - Banjo Tabs. Tenor banjo lessons. Tenor Banjo Lesson - How To Build a Chord Melody.

In the following lesson, we will learn how to take a basic melody, and turn that into a full chord melody arrangement.

Tenor Banjo Lesson - How To Build a Chord Melody

We are going to use the popular tune “When the Saints Go Marching In” in the key of F as our example. This lesson is all played on a new Deering Eagle II 19-Fret Tenor banjo. The first thing that you must be able to do before trying to play a chord melody is to figure out the single note melody. In this arrangement, we are going to lay the melody out strictly on the 1st string. I am going to walk you through doing this for the first phrase of this tune, the rest is up to you using the method described below. The first note of this song is the root (F in the key of F). Let’s now try to harmonize these notes with some chords. The harmony (chords) in this part of the song stays on an F. So the first chords I will be playing will be: Using the IV chord (Bb) as a pasing chord works when playing over the I chord (F) and is commonly used in gospel music. How to play the tenor guitar, tenor banjo & mandola DVD.

Tuning the Tenor Banjo. 40_BanjoChords4irishTun145_2ed_450. 38_BanjoChords4CTuning145_2ed_450. Mandolin GDAE TAB 152 tunes so far. Tenor Banjo in Jazz-Tuning (C G D' A')] BeginnerTenor%20Banjo%20%28CGDA%29. Web Metronome .com - a free online metronome. Tenor Banjo Finger Picking Demo. The Famous Ballymote and The Gravel Walks - Irish tenor banjo. Pinch+frail pattern on open tuned Irish tenor banjo.

Broadcast Yourself. How to Play the Banjo : Strumming a Banjo. 5-string. Essential Music Theory Every Picker Should Know. How to Play Claw Hammer Banjo - Part 2. Banjo Tips for Beginners-Tip #3 (Hammer-ons) How To Play Frailing Banjo. Basic Frailing and Teaching Instruction Part 1. The Irish Pub Song Of The Day is Wild Rover.

This is a great song for frailing banjo!! It’s an all time favorite song for drunken patrons to sing along with. If you do it right, you will only have to sing the chorus once and the audience will sing it for you. Wild Rover Wild Rover(PDF) Chorus: And it’s [D]no, nay, never, [G]no, nay, never, no [C]more, Will I [G]play the wild [C]rover, no, [D]never no [G]more I’ve been a wild rover for [C]many’s the [D7]year, And I’ve [G]spent all my money on [D7]whiskey and [G]beer, But now I’m returning with [G]gold in great [C]store, And I [G]never will play the wild [D7]rover no [G]more. (Chorus) I went into an alehouse I used to frequent, And I told the landlady my money was spent, I asked her for credit, she answered me “Nay, such a custom as yours I can have every day.” Bluegrass / scruggs-style. Order. Intro to banjo - right hand. Banjo Lesson: Beginner Rolls. Roll Patterns for Bluegrass Banjo. How to Play the Banjo : Banjo Picking: Double Pick.

Styles. Kitchen Girl - old time clawhammer banjo. How to Choose a Banjo Style and a Banjo.