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REGREEN Residential Remodeling. Building Green - Green Products and Services Links. Home - USGBC: U.S. Green Building Council. Adobe Homes for All Climates by Lisa Schroder, Vince Ogletree. "Lisa Schroder gives a thorough description in Adobe Homes for all Climates of the techniques of adobe construction in the United States. . . and guides the eager builder in great detail through the intricacies of earth construction.

Adobe Homes for All Climates by Lisa Schroder, Vince Ogletree

As we mud freaks know, earth architecture is eminently the solution for the future. "—Simone Swan, designer/builder and founder of the Adobe Alliance The lay-up of adobe bricks is an easy, forgiving way to achieve a solid masonry-wall system. RuralZED zero carbon houses achieve level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Sustainable Design Group - Green Custom Home Design & Construction. Minimal Retrofit Retreat in The Netherlands. Green-Roofed Japanese School Boasts a Transforming Interior. Une maison passive en bois testée, mesurée et contrôlée pendant 5 ans - Innovation chantiers - Le

Built Environment Team. America’s 120 million buildings consume a prodigious amount of energy—42 percent of the nation’s primary energy, 72 percent of its electricity, and 34 percent of its directly used natural gas.

Built Environment Team

They use more energy than any country except China and the whole United States. But the U.S. buildings sector presents juicy opportunities to profit from new business initiatives, drive innovation, and save money—and to realize societal benefits like creating jobs, improving public health and environmental stewardship, and strengthening national security. The functions for which buildings use energy are many, varied, but basically quite simple. Buildings need to keep us comfortable, illuminate our tasks, and power our gadgets while supporting our health and lifestyles. Building Science Corporation.