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South Park

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South Park: Fantastic Easter Special. (S11E05) When this episode began, I figured eventually there would be some explanation as to why it is we color Easter eggs and why a rabbit hides them, some kind of explanation of these traditions and their pagan roots.

South Park: Fantastic Easter Special

However, by the end I was glad the story went where it did, because this was both the "worst" episode of South Park this season, and incredibly funny. I say "worst" because of all the horrible gags, like "The Hare Club for Men," and William Donahue's "double cross" that had me simultaneously cracking up and saying, "my god, that was a terrible joke. " Fantastic Easter Special. The episode was written by series co-creator Trey Parker and is rated TV-MA in the United States.

Fantastic Easter Special

Plot[edit] As the Marsh family colors eggs for Easter, Stan questions what it has to do with Jesus. Not satisfied by his father's vague response, Stan storms off and makes the same inquiry to a mall Easter Bunny. The mall bunny tells Stan that it is "just Easter", and to "just go with it", then makes a mysterious phone call. Fantastic Easter Special (Season 11, Episode 5) - Episode Guide. Fantastic Easter Special (Season 11, Episode 5.