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Biographies : Steve Jobs et Steve Wozniak. Les destinées de Steve Jobs et de Stephen Wozniak ont été intimement liés depuis leur rencontre au Homebrew Computer Club, où ils se retrouvaient régulièrement avec d'autres bidouilleurs, aux premières heures de l'histoire de l'informatique.

Biographies : Steve Jobs et Steve Wozniak

Stephen Wozniak est né en 1950, dans la Silicon Valley. Son père, ingénieur en électronique, l'intéresse très tôt aux techniques électroniques. Wozniak devient vite très doué : à 13 ans, il gagne le premier prix d'un concours de création de machines à additionner et soustraire. Son professeur d'électronique à l'High Shcool de Homestead découvre son talent et lui offre un job dans une entreprise locale, où il peut utiliser un ordinateur (un DEC PDP-8). Il découvre alors les possibilités de la machine, étudie son fonctionnement, et rêve de pouvoir un jour créer son propre ordinateur. 8 Things We Learned From Dan Lyons's Interview With Steve Wozniak. An Infographic on Steve Jobs’ Life. Hommage d'Adobe. Rip-steve-jobs-thanks-somewhat-topical-ecards-someecards. 'Wired' Puts Out Steve Jobs E-Book. While other publications scrambled to put out ink-on-paper editions on Steve Jobs, Wired turned to the e-book format for a commemorative product.

'Wired' Puts Out Steve Jobs E-Book

Staffers worked late into the night Friday to get “Steve Jobs, Revolutionary” in the Wired container on the Apple iPad Saturday. The e-book is set to go live on the Amazon Kindle Monday afternoon. It’s free for Wired subscribers and $2.99 for nonsubscribers. The e-book contains senior writer Steven Levy’s 5,000-word tribute to Jobs and several past features from Wired on the impact of the tech giant and Apple.

In one, Fred Vogelstein recounts the “superheroic efforts” required to create the iPhone. High-tech : Plein Ecran du 8/10/2011: Un monde sans Steve. Boom! [all about Steve] Wozniak Tearfully Remembers His Friend Steve. Don't miss this 30th birthday video Apple made for Steve Jobs. This little-known video was put together by Apple employees to celebrate Steve Jobs’ 30th birthday back on February 24th 1985.

Don't miss this 30th birthday video Apple made for Steve Jobs

Given the tragic news this week, the video and its collection of memories is all the more poignant. As Harry McCracken notes, the film contains a number of photos and events that are not widely known outside Job’s closest circles and Apple employees, portraying a playful side to his character that few saw. The song playing in the video is ‘My Back Pages’ by Bob Dylan, one of his idols and favourite musicians. Credit for the video goes to Harry and Craig Elliott–Apple and Tom Hughes, the two Apple employees who told him of it. Truly moving, it is sure to go viral. If you haven’t had the chance yet, don’t miss our round up of the most notable photos, videos, quotes and tweets about Steve Jobs from the last 24 hours. President Obama on the Passing of Steve Jobs: "He changed the way each of us sees the world."

Thank You Steve Jobs. (Hybrid Theory writing session, Apple Computer, circa 1998) My family’s first computer was an Apple (a IIe, I think).

Thank You Steve Jobs

I remember learning to type on it, playing a game that calculated your words-per-minute. My mom was studying to be a court reporter, and she could type very quickly; I would peck at letters with my two index fingers as fast as I could to see if I could get a score half as good as hers. At the time, my Dad worked in aerospace engineering, and was impressed with the durability of the computer at work, so he decided to get one for the house. The whole family shared time on it, working and playing. In college, I was reintroduced to Apple in a new way. MINDY KALING – People I Love Who Invented Things That I Love: Steve Jobs. If you’re like me, when you heard about the passing of Steve Jobs, you had a panicked moment where all you could think about was how much more Mr.

MINDY KALING – People I Love Who Invented Things That I Love: Steve Jobs

Jobs had to give the world, and how sad you were to be robbed of the fruits of those years. My love for Mr. Jobs is a selfish one, but it made me think how much I have come to depend on him to be the one — clad in signature black from the waist up, like my Pacific Northwest Johnny Cash– to introduce me every year (or if we were lucky, twice a year) to some technology so amazing and fun you hoped that you were the one who got to break it to your friends.

If you’re also like me, you looked around the internet to learn more about him. I found out a few sad things, of course. Julie Fleshman of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network said it well, of Jobs’ passing: “It is also a stunning reality that even those who have unlimited access to the highest level of care available cannot defeat this insidious disease.” Photos du mur. The Meaning Of Steve Jobs. Gawker curmudgeon Hamilton Nolan is right: "Steve Jobs was not God," read the headline to his recent post slamming those "whose remembrances have already taken on a quasi-religious tone" and advising them to "seek help.

The Meaning Of Steve Jobs

" He was responding to the flood of grief that consumed the media, media watchers, and many others in the hours and days after Jobs' death was announced. And a mighty flood it was. Journalists recounted their interactions with Jobs over the years while others reminisced about their first Apple computers. Facebook was aflutter and Twitter atwitter, with the outpouring of grief over Jobs' death temporarily causing outages. "I’ve literally never seen my whole entire stream talking about ONE thing before. Meghan O'Rourke, in true New Yorker fashion, offered a more analytical framework, chalking it up to the idea of "public mourning," which has "always been a crucial feature of civic life--it’s just that our form of it is more mediated than ever before.

Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs. Life. Resigned. Wednesday, 24 August 2011 Reading around the web an hour ago, looking for confirmation of the then-minutes-old news that Steve Jobs had resigned as CEO, I repeatedly encountered and bridled each time at use of the adjective “shocking” to describe the announcement.


But my initial resentment was unwarranted. This is not out of nowhere, it’s not even unexpected. We could all see this was coming — but it is a shock. I saw that headline and my nervous system took a jolt. The thing to keep in mind is this: Apple tomorrow, a week from now, and next month is the exact same Apple from yesterday, a week ago, and last month. Steve Jobs’s Best Quotes - Digits. 'Your Heart Running Around Outside Your Body' Steve Jobs: il était le père de tous les entrepreneurs. Jobs has lighted our way. August 25th, 2011 My father lives as if it is 1975.

Jobs has lighted our way

He refuses to interact with a computer. To put things in perspective, every member of the family owns at least one computer and presented the advantages of owning one to him repeatedly. He never even touched a computer and seemed genuinely offended by the presence of one. Even at the (quite modern) hospital where he worked as the pharmacist, he refused to touch the computer and made his assistant do the work.

He’s never owned a smart phone. Lisen's "Blog" – An Angle of PrismWork. My neighbor, Steve Jobs, has been in the news lately.

Lisen's "Blog" – An Angle of PrismWork

The talk of the town is the recent announcement he will be stepping aside to let other seeds grow at Apple. The business press, the general press, the blogosphere, and just about everybody else has waxed poetic about the “greatest CEO of all time” saying that this “boy wonder” has shaped the very nature of our lives with his genius. As a 12-Year-Old Kid, Allen Paltrow Met Steve Jobs. My Experience with Jobs and Apple.