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Pebble. Casio announces iPhone-compatible Bluetooth smart watches. Back in June when we reviewed Casio’s Japan-only G-Shock Bluetooth GB–6900 watch it was only compatible with a handful of Japanese Android phones, preventing it from ever having a chance in the overseas market.

Casio announces iPhone-compatible Bluetooth smart watches

Now, Casio is announcing two new Bluetooth G-Shocks, the GB–6900AA (above) and GB-5600AA (below), that work with the iPhone 4S; bringing its smart watch functionality to Apple’s platform for the first time.

Ipad says brad

Why An iPad Mini With Retina Display Would Have Cost $379 [Feature. This could have cost $379.

Why An iPad Mini With Retina Display Would Have Cost $379 [Feature

Image via CNET. Although the iPad mini is well-reviewed, a constant complaint that has been leveled against Apple’s smallest tablet is that the display isn’t Retina. In fact, in my review of the iPad mini, I could barely see past the terrible fuziness of the on-screen text, and considered it an otherwise perfect device’s Achilles’ Heel. Over the last day or so, a lot of thinkers in the Apple space have piped up, saying that it would essentially be impossible for Apple to make the iPad mini with a Retina display.

Summarized, the argument is this: A Retina iPad mini would be too expensive for Apple to make right now, and it would come with other tradeoffs, like a significantly reduced battery life and a much thicker and heavier form factor. What I found out was that Apple could indeed have shipped an iPad mini with Retina this generation without significantly changing the form or battery life of the device, but it would have cost $379. The iPad mini’s display. Clearing Launchpad and other OS X Lion (10.7) Tips ( Update (Jul-25-2011): I fixed the “clear launchpad” command to properly remove any empty folders and reset the page count, since some users reported that it was leaving some folders lying around.

Clearing Launchpad and other OS X Lion (10.7) Tips (

I just installed Lion today, though I had been using the Developer Previews for a while now. I like Lion, but some things irk me. I’ve compiled a list of tips that I use to make my experience more sane, most specifically, clearing the list of apps in Launchpad (which I couldn’t find discussed anywhere else). 1. Clearing your Launchpad Before you do this, realize that this command will delete data. So, most people might not need to do this, but the default behaviour for the Launchpad in Lion is to basically add every .app file within your user and system Applications folders, as well as whatever is in ~/Downloads, apparently.

Anyhow, here’s what you do to clear out those pesky apps in your Launchpad. Remove unnecessary language/keyboard files to increase System Memory. Have you ever experienced low memory on your iPhone and want to squeeze everything out of your memory.

Remove unnecessary language/keyboard files to increase System Memory

There is a way to get rid of some unnecessary files like other language files. Here is one solution (for jailbroken iPhones only!) Requirements : SyscleanPro (avaliable with insanelyi Repository MobileTerminal (free from cydia) Download the above two from cydia. Open terminal will show you yourphone:- mobile$ Syscleanpro should be run in the root, so go to the root - type su root Now you will be asked the password - type: alpine (not shown in the screen) This will take you to: yourphone:/var/mobile root# - here you type syscleanpro You can also remove the unwanted keyboards here! Now you are asked to remove each language files individually. After that you have to give a final confirmation to proceed. Press y - will remove all the unwanted keyboard and language files and freeup the system memory to 600MB! After that, the script ask you to uninstall itself to spare some space for you.


OWC SSD for MacBook Pro with Retina display 2012 - OWC Aura Pro Sandforce Driven. Apple culture. Yes, Apple Can Kill Microsoft Office. NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Shortly after I published Office Will Determine Whether Microsoft Can Beat Apple Monday on TheStreet, the comments and emails rolled in.

Yes, Apple Can Kill Microsoft Office

People think I'm nuts. That I'm "drinking the Apple (AAPL_) Kool-Aid. " While slight differences exist between each feeble Microsoft (MSFT_) defense, they all go something like this, courtesy of an emailer named Clyde: Are you really suggesting that large corporations will ditch Office? The license fees of a software system is a fraction of the cost of re-training workers. Clyde rants about how Apple's "profit margins are about to get crushed. " If Steve Jobs Were Alive, He Would Fire Tim Cook.

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The level of delusion among Apple (AAPL_) bulls reached unprecedented levels Friday morning.

If Steve Jobs Were Alive, He Would Fire Tim Cook

Of course, Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for MappleGate, just days after the company referred to the application as possibly "the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever. " (Apple has since changed the language on its Website to read: All in a beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease). I have been using Apple's Maps app on my iPhone 5. While it was certainly a mistake to release an unrefined product to replace the solid Google (GOOG_) Maps, it's not that bad. Daring Fireball.