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By MH Staff - Posted on 25th August 2011 Warning: this stunt involves sharp edges, breaking glass and fire. But if you’re careful, it could also involve fun. How To Turn A Beer Bottle Into A Glass | Men's Health
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Posted by rd on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 · I recently discovered The Selby, and here is a home, more or less 1000 sq ft., bursting with neutral colors making it ‘bigger’ than it actually is. I really love the combination of open planning and simple palette in this home.. Everything’s seems within reach but doesn’t appear too crowded.. Every area is properly spaced.. First thing that caught my eye was the loft guest bed (sleeps overs not a problem!).. The Selby + Simple Creative Home

The Selby + Simple Creative Home

Sofia's Journal: Insomnia. I've been having trouble sleeping lately. I'm not sure why. I'm positive I'd sleep like a baby if only my bedroom resembled any of these. Heavenly... All these images have been floating around my laptop over the past year or so which means I can't give credit, unfortunately. Sofia's Journal: Insomnia.