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Journey to the Center of Government

(Just try not to give yourself too many existential crises) As I interviewed people for our infographic, I noticed a trend, starting with myself. Younger people tended to cite media for their sociopolitical opinions. I found it problematic that I had put media for every issue, but then I realized it was less problematic and more a sign of the time. My father, for instance, born in 1960, found (after much prodding and not understanding my questions) that family or church marked the reasoning behind his opinions. Then there is me. When I refer to the “media” I’m not referring to mindless television and meaningless talk shows and pop songs. I felt none of the other choices fit any of my views. To bring back this train of rambling thoughts, I believe that views formed from personal experience, analysis, exposure, and introspection are the strongest. You can call me a nihilist all you want and it won’t bother me.

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If someone saw polygamy as their form of religion, which many who are believe it to be, then it is their right to practice having multiple wives. This is protected by freedom of religion, I believe, and should not be illegal. As long as it is equal consent, then it is their will. This is like gay rights, because some people believe it to be unethical, wrong, against the bible, and so on, but polygamy is literally their form of religion. It should not matter what the government thinks on this matter. Tilting At Politics. AP Government. Mustafa Jassim Blogs. Aryonna blog. Audrey Powell Current Gov Blog. Reflections of Thought.