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Gundam Girls - GEARS Online. Gmcannon-girl.jpg (JPEG Image, 528 × 725 pixels) - Scaled (96%) Safebooru - Anime picture search engine! Archive of Manga and Anime Images Gallery. Angel HQ. ARIA Uploader. Karabako. Oreno.imouto. Danbooru. Safebooru - Anime picture search engine! Wakku Wakku. Konachan: Anime Wallpapers. / Anime picture search engine! / kisaragi_zwei. Huke - Black Rock Shooter Visual Works. WAKAchan Imageboard Network. Multi-service image search. Paper Dream. Rismi2's Photostream. 手書きイラストコミュニティ[drawr] - 手描きイラスト・日記. Moorioka_n's fotolife.

Zerochan: HQ Anime Image Board. L'anime image board à la française - images manga. ギャラリー. CherriA. 風. アルカイックフラワー > GALLERY. CloneManga. The Anime Gallery - Thousands of Anime Wallpapers, DvD Covers, A. Gallery - Anime & Game Galleries. Anime - Welcome to AnimeWallpapers.Com. /shirogane usagi. Vocaloids Wallpapers on Fanpop.

エレクトロラフ. エレクトロラフ. エレクトロラフ. エレクトロラフ. エレクトロラフ. エレクトロラフ. エレクトロラフ. Anime Wallpapers and Backgrounds - Page 6 - Desktop Nexus. ТxГXГMГЛ. Anime galleries: game, fantasy and gothic images. Anime Photo Gallery - Home. Muryou Anime Wallpaper. Minitokyo - Anime Wallpapers, Scans, Reviews and more. Anime Portal - Dark and Gothic Anime Gallery. GALLERY chiki & RYO. DA! Desktop Anime [Welcome] Freddie's Wallpaper. ToshoScan. Nattoli's blog - - anime art books, doujinshi, and magazine blog. 50 beautiful anime wallpapers. Anime is a type highly stylized animation originally from Japan, where it’s characteristic style was developed during the 1960s and onwards. Today, anime is not only popular in Japan and Asia, but throughout the world as well, and is considered an art form on par with Western style animation.

We’ve got 50 beautiful anime wallpapers for you, all in widescreen HD resolution. Source: Misc/Unorganized Pics. Anime_Bookmark_Collection_by_Shira_chan.jpg (изображение «JPEG», 650x1987 пикселов) Flonne the Fallen Angel. KMR. Thursday, June 04, 2009 These pieces by Kmr are amazing.


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  1. loydna Jan 26 2014
    fantastic! then we shall just keep clonemanga and i'll edit that text on there. thank you for your input! Making a pearl organized is a lot harder than it looks.
  2. monceber Jan 26 2014
    Yep, that's what I meant. Actually, adding just manga sites defies the reason of existance of this pearltrees, as people seeing "images and wallpapers" typically expect to find some collections of pictures they can use, not to browse over folders of manga. CloneManga pearl is good example of manga/comic page - it gives big choice of images (and therefore is similar to booru-type sites), but doesn't require to browse over tons of mangas. For the purposes of storing manga pages I think it's better to create separate pearltree (like the one I have, for instance)
  3. loydna Jan 26 2014
    i was going to set up manga as such: Manga sites for pearltrees. No actual manga pages (just websites). Unless that's what you were thinking.
  4. monceber Jan 26 2014
    Yeah, I'll do that. One think to keep in mind though - this is a image/wallpaper pearltree, and even though manga is technically is bunch of images, try to keep it out of this pearltree, as it will clutter it,
  5. loydna Jan 26 2014
    thank you, Mon! i've been a bit inactive due to my lost account which i finally got back. i'll find a way of organizing it soon enough. if y'have any ideas for anything feel free to let me know!
  6. monceber Jan 26 2014
    Hey loydna, thanks for your work. It's been a while since I organized stuff here, so your efforts are aprreciated. When this team started and had only a few pearls and had no NSFW ones, I tried organizing them by their layout (like ***booru's or stuff). But as of now your idea of organizing seems better.
  7. loydna Jan 25 2014
    For everyone who submits stuff--just know I won't delete anything, unless there are broken links. I'll try and keep NSFW to one side--and SFW to the other!