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The 8 happiest dogs on YouTube. There are few things in life happier than a happy dog.

The 8 happiest dogs on YouTube

It doesn't matter if it's because they hear you pull into the driveway after work or if they find something particularly smelly to roll around on in the backyard; if a dog is happy you are going to know about it. You can see them just vibrate with pure unfiltered joy, as if they can't believe that life can be this good. Thanks to the ubiquity of cameras and YouTube, there are scores of videos of supremely happy canines just waiting to be found.

To save you a little time, I spent my day wading through the river of adorable and picked out eight of the happiest dogs on YouTube. Enjoy! A dog’s seeing eye dog. Cutest Animal Ever: Welsh Corgi Puppy. Top 10 AKC Dog Breeds [Infographic]