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Problem with LOCAL_LDLIBS -l on Windows/Cygwin - android-ndk. Discussions - android-ndk. Google Groupes. How to run HelloWorld on ndk r4 and r5 - cocos2d-x - This document describes how to run a simple ‘HelloWorld’ sample under NDK r4 and r5 with Windows (using Cygwin), or Linux.

How to run HelloWorld on ndk r4 and r5 - cocos2d-x -

Setting Up Development Environment¶ This document doesn’t describe how to set up NDK. Makefile - Android NDK: how to include into another Understanding Android Makefile ( Dec292011 Firstly, let me say that this document is an abstract information which is available in pdk documents.

Understanding Android Makefile (

Secondly, you may want to look at the post that tells how to build Android source code. And now, we can start, at a first glance to Android source codes, we see that applications, libraries, components in framework have files in their specific directories. Include $(call all-subdir-makefiles) #CODECS := alac ape flac wav wv mpc #codec-makefiles = $(patsubst %,$(call my-dir)/%/,$(CODECS)) #include $(call codec-makefiles) ifneq ($(NDK_ROOT),) LOCAL_PATH:=$(NDK_ROOT)/apps/lossless/project/jni else LOCAL_PATH:=apps/lossless/project/jni endif.