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Alternative Energy

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Carbon Engineering. Ocean Energies. Harnessing the ocean’s energy The world's oceans cover some 70 percent of the earth's surface.

Ocean Energies

Their water masses are constantly on the move, a gigantic and inexhaustible supply of energy. The average power of sea waves and currents has been estimated as being from 1 to 10 terawatts. This means that wave energy could make a significant contribution to the production of electricity from renewable sources for future generations. Voith's engineers have committed themselves to tapping this potential for generating power. Voith is a pioneer in the development of tidal power stations. Jiaxing New Light Solar Power Technology Co.,Ltd. Ilioss. Intelligent Energy. Intelligent Energy's proprietary, high performance fuel cell platforms have been designed for high volume manufacturing in two distinct modular architectures; Air Cooled (AC) and Evaporatively Cooled (EC).

Intelligent Energy

Our technology delivers low temperature operability, whilst utilising simplified balance of plant in comparison to conventional fuel cell systems. The overall result is a compact power system with fewer components, improved reliability and reduced system cost. LucidPipe™ Power System. Produce Clean, Low-Cost Energy From Your Pipelines The LucidPipe™ Power System harnesses the untapped energy potential of moving water to produce clean, low-cost electricity.

LucidPipe™ Power System

Driven by the demand for reliable, cost-effective electricity, water- and energy-intensive industries, municipalities and agricultural irrigation districts worldwide can deploy our in-pipe hydropower system to generate millions of megawatt hours of renewable electricity from the water already flowing through their pipelines – without interrupting flow. LucidPipe can operate across a wide range of flow conditions, volumes and velocities. The unique lift-based vertical axis spherical turbine design generates electricity by extracting excess head pressure from large diameter (24”-96”), gravity-fed water pipelines and effluent streams. Technology - Kepler Energy. There are three key technologies for extracting energy from tidal streams: ‘Conventional’ horizontal axis turbines; Dynamic Tidal Power (DTP), which is being developed by the leading Hydrology Institutes in China in conjunction with a Dutch consortium; and tidal fences, for which the patented Kepler turbine is the leading machine.

Technology - Kepler Energy

The most common design of tidal device is the conventional axial turbine which superficially resembles a wind turbine that has been converted for use underwater. Due to the physical limits of traditional rotor design, the vast majority of these devices have been deployed in deep water (>30m) and high velocity (>2.5m/s) tidal flows. Higher outputs are achieved by using longer blades, but limits due to cavitation are soon reached. The Kepler tidal turbine consists of a stressed truss configuration of carbon composite hydrofoil blades. eZelleron. Eliodomestico : gabriele diamanti. موقع أميركي يدعو الولايات المتحدة للاستفادة من ابتكارات #دبي_الذكية. EnerPlex - Packr. Powerful, Eco-Friendly Batteries That Last 1000x Longer. Port solar charger 1000mAh, grey/white. The solar charger Port will give your mobile phone energy wherever you go on the spot!

Port solar charger 1000mAh, grey/white

This trendy item is perfect to use at home, in the car or train. The suction cup makes it very easy to attach the solar charger at any window. For example while travelling by train just stick it on the train window and let it collect sun energy. Sunshine solar charger 2600mAh. GoSun Stove: Fast, Portable and Practical Solar Cooker. Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town Official Site. Design Concepts. Power Tree™ – Design Concept While land constraints have not been a primary concern for solar deployment in the past, this is certain to change.

Design Concepts

According to the DOE, the world currently uses about 15,000 GW of power and by the year 2050 the world will require approximately 30,000 GW. To satisfy this demand over the next 40 years, it would require building more than 1GW power plant each and every day! PowerSpout - Water goes in, Power comes out. Horizon Energy Systems Solid Fuel Cell. HOME. Energy, Inc. CLOSING THE CARBON CYCLE: sunfire GmbH. Lucid Energy. WindStream Technologies, Inc. (WSTI) Solar Panels, Solar Power Systems & Energy Efficiency. ABC News Perth - Grid Connection with the Hon Ian Macfarlane. Tommy Hilfiger launches Solar Power Jackets to charge your phone. L'arbre à vent® Das Projekt, die Ziele und EIGHTs Beitrag - EIGHT an der BMW Welt. Das Projekt: Starke Partner für Elektromobilität Elektromobilität ist ein Topthema, und dennoch wurde bisher wenig Forschung betrieben, wenn es um die Infrastruktur geht.

Das Projekt, die Ziele und EIGHTs Beitrag - EIGHT an der BMW Welt

Quantum Technologies. Solutions. HyperSolar H2Generator™ H2Generator – Eliminates the Need for an Electrolyzer!


Worlds Largest Solar Plant Goes Online Using 9 Million Solar Panels. Parabolic Dish Stirling Engine. Welcome To Andalay Solar – Sun For Everyone. Studio Roosegaarde — Projects. Energieträger aus Pflanzenresten: Biokohle kann Klima schützen - Biokohle: Neue Energie aus alten Blättern - Energie + Umwelt - Technologie - Handelsblatt. Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc., ASTI. Gates Foundation Awards Grants to Develop Urine Powered Fuel Cells, Waterless Toilets and Solar Steam Sterilizers. Seattle, December 19, 2013: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today announced Phase II winners as part of its Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE) initiative focused on water, sanitation and hygiene, including one grant to do further research on microbial fuel cells which could power cellphones with urine.

Gates Foundation Awards Grants to Develop Urine Powered Fuel Cells, Waterless Toilets and Solar Steam Sterilizers

“Today, 2.5 billion people practice open defecation or lack adequate toilet facilities so we are always looking for new ways to ensure that less human waste winds up in the environment, untreated,” said Brian Arbogast, director of the Water, Sanitation & Hygiene team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “Innovations don’t need to be complicated or expensive in order to be impactful which is why we are so excited about the range of approaches these projects represent.” GCE grants fund innovative ideas to tackle persistent global health and development problems. Phase II grants are awarded to Phase I winners whose projects have shown progress and are particularly promising. Zenith Solar. Solar thermal magazine. Flip Concentrated Solar Power Technology in Morocco ( Solar Thermal Magazine).

Solar thermal magazine

WASHINGTON, September 30, 2014­ – The World Bank Group’s Board of Executive Directors approved today a US$519 million project to support Morocco’s ongoing efforts to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels by developing its renewable energy resources. The project will back the government’s strategy of harnessing power from the sun through the use of concentrated solar power technology. The Solar Hourglass. The Solar Hourglass LAGI 2014 1st Place Winner Artist: Santiago Muros Cortés Artist Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Energy Technologies: concentrated solar power (thermal beam-down tower with heliostats) Annual Capacity: 7,500 MWh Download (DOCX, 18KB)

LAGI-2014. Max Fordham. Energy Floors partners with OTEM2000 to create hybrid energy floors. Energy Floors and Spanish start-up OTEM2000 are going to develop hybrid energy floors together. Using our extensive knowledge of human powered interactive floor systems and OTEM2000’s wealth of experience in Solarfloors®, a range of flooring products for the private and public sector will be created. The Hybrid Energyfloor® is the world’s first energy floor that merges two different technologies to produce local clean energy. The floor combines both human power and solar energy to generate electricity and can be installed on commercial streets, rooftops, squares, pavements, public areas or private patios. Home - The Archimedes. Technology - LightSail Energy. These Pollution-Cleaning Towers In China Will Be The Tallest Skyscrapers In The World. When the world's tallest tower is built in Wuhan, China, it will also be one of the most environmentally friendly skyscrapers anywhere.

The building, paired with another slightly shorter tower, goes beyond the usual sustainable design features to try to help restore the surrounding environment. Set on an island within a lake, the towers will help suck pollution out of both the air and water. The larger tower pulls water up from the lake, cleans it, and then puts it back. “The water goes up through a series of filters,” explains Laurie Chetwood, chairman of U.K. -based Chetwoods, the architects on the project. The towers also have pollution-absorbing coatings to help clean the air, vertical gardens that filter more pollution, and a chimney in the middle of the larger tower naturally pulls air across the lake for better ventilation.

The designers hope the building will serve as a catalyst for more sustainable design in the industrial city. Cogenra Solar. Solar thermal magazine. China Solar Battery Industry – DUBLIN, June, 2014 ( Solar Thermal Magazine ). Research and Markets( has announced the addition of the “Development Status and Investment Prospect of Global and China Solar Battery Industry, 2014-2018″ report to their offering. Development Status and Investment Prospect of Global and China Solar Battery Industry, 2014-2018 mainly analyzes solar battery industry in the following aspects: market size, supply and demand, market competition and major solar battery manufacturing enterprises; meanwhile it also makes prediction on future solar battery market, so as to offer decision-making references for investors.

Photovoltaic power generation industry is gradually accepted by numerous national governments who also encourage it to grow. In recent years, global photovoltaic power generation industry has witnessed rapid growth. The output of global photovoltaic solar batteries was 36.5GW in 2013, a year-on-year rise of 1.5%. Key Topics Covered: 1. 2. 3. Frank Shuman. 104680095. Solar Stirling Engine. Solar Roadways - Phase II Prototype. News: March 31,2014 We have released the first pictures of our new Solar Roadways prototype parking lot. Initial installation is complete, with some additions still to come (i.e., covers for mounting holes, mastic between panels, software for LED patterns).

Images will be continuously added. The parking lot is fully functional with solar cells, LED's, heating elements, and the textured glass surface. Solar Power Satellites: A Visual Introduction. Image: NASA. Of all the many spaceflight concepts NASA has studied, the most enormous was the Solar Power Satellite (SPS) fleet of the 1970s. Czech-born physicist/engineer Peter Glaser outlined the concept in a brief article in the esteemed journal Science in November 1968, and was awarded a patent for his invention on Christmas Day 1973. In October 1976, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and NASA began a three-phase, four-year joint study of the SPS concept.

Total study cost was $19.6 million, of which DOE paid 60%. SheerWind. NIF experiments show initial gain in fusion fuel. Technology uses micro-windmills to recharge cell phones - News Center - UT Arlington. LUNA RING/Shimizu's Dream - Shimizu Corporation. Solar Panels, Roof Tiles, Photovoltaic Systems. Cool Earth Solar. Human waste power plant goes online in the UK.

Solar Charging Systems. Atmospheric carbon dioxide. Portfolio Vivien MULLER. Free power- How to convert a washing machine into a water powered generator. Altaeros Energies - High Altitude Wind Turbine. Solutions for Growing Industries.