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channelATE channelATE The Store just got some new stuff all up in it! First is the third collection of channelate comics! It’s called ”You Used to Be Funnier”.
Walking In Squares
Thanks to everyone who has been reading Robbie and Bobby since my first strip in 2003! It’s been a decade since Robbie and Bobby had their first sunset chat on that hilltop. These nearly 1,000 comics were drawn between classes, after work, during lunch breaks and early mornings. So many early mornings. Robbie and Bobby Robbie and Bobby
Cyanide & Happiness
That logic doesn't bode well for Life Coaches. Do you know my favorite sign around airport security? It’s the one that says something along the lines of “Making jokes about bombs will be taken seriously, and will come with severe criminal charges.” That’s right, there are places in the US where jokes are actually illegal. Amazing SuperPowers Amazing SuperPowers
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Three Word Phrase, by Ryan Pequin