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This Pearl talks about the existance of our cousins from other planets and we are not alone in this universe.

What I find after a significant research on the web (although I personally did not see any UFO as seen in most videos) I feel that THEY are already there and are waiting for something ..unknown to us.

Their capability is far far beyond our thinking and are able to move around invisibly and silently .

If they are here for good then its great, we have some more space for some of them. If they want our planet earth, like we guys fighting for a piece of land, money, etc..then they are no different and would like to grab our planet for them to establish.

Whatever it may be they are here...and am not sure if the Govts are aware and have already established contacts with them, or the Govt is not revealing to us so that we as people not to panic.

Time alone should tell us......

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