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Neural Nets

CS-449: Neural Networks Fall 99 Instructor: Genevieve Orr Willamette University Lecture Notes prepared by Genevieve Orr, Nici Schraudolph, and Fred Cummins Introduction to Neural Networks

Introduction to Neural Networks

Neural network

Neural network

An artificial neural network is an interconnected group of nodes, akin to the vast network of neurons in a brain. Here, each circular node represents an artificial neuron and an arrow represents a connection from the output of one neuron to the input of another. In computer science and related fields, artificial neural networks are computational models inspired by animals' central nervous systems (in particular the brain) that are capable of machine learning and pattern recognition.
Artificial Intelligence - Quora
I am sure the question concerns computers, and kind of half serious answers like 'I make my intelligence therefore its artificial' are not only not helpful but they probably say more about people in AI trying to avoid the poor track record of AI as a domain. The answer is we don't know yet. We an never prove a negative so we have only two possible answer: yes someone made a machine that is clearly intelligent say like a 6 year old, or we don't know. Can intelligence be artificial Can intelligence be artificial