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August 31, 2011 Issues with git-flow I travel all over the place teaching Git to people and nearly every class and workshop I’ve done recently has asked me what I think about git-flow. I always answer that I think that it’s great – it has taken a system (Git) that has a million possible workflows and documented a well tested, flexible workflow that works for lots of developers in a fairly straightforward manner. It has become something of a standard so that developers can move between projects or companies and be familiar with this standardized workflow. Scott Chacon on the Interwebs
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1 Introduction 1.1 Objectifs de ce document Ce document a pour objectif de servir d'aide-mémoire et de support de formation succinct au logiciel de contrôle de versions Subversion1. 1.2 Qu'est-ce que Subversion ? Introduction à Subversion ·

Introduction à Subversion ·

Wed, Jan 13 2010 01:05 | javaday | Permalink This year at Javaday I'll be happy to present a talk on what I see as a new emergent approach in Web Development. It's not a completely brand new approach, but it's slowly gaining momentum since a couple of years. I couldn't find a good name for this approach, so I invented a new one, "2.5 tiers". Pomodoro | Pomodoro Pomodoro | Pomodoro
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Synchronize branches The sync button pushes your changes to GitHub and pulls down other’s changes in one operation, letting you quickly share local changes. Clone repositories in one click Quickly clone repositories from your account or any organization you belong to.

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