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Photo Tints Overlay Set contains eleven differently colored overlay tints and one frame (PNG), each overlay measures 2600 X 2000 pixels in size. The tints are meant to alter your photos and give them a colored somewhat vintage feel, and the white frame (PNG) is meant to give the outer perimeters a soft white transparent feel. Don't be afraid to use more than one overlay per image, actually it's best to use two or more to give color and contrast to your images. Hope these can be of some small use to you. Textures

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Lightroom News February 19, 2011 – The Turning Gate has released the next major update to its gallery indexing plugin for Lightroom’s Web module, TTG Auto Index CE. TTG Auto Index CE creates a self-populating table of contents of your image galleries, a gallery index. You upload a gallery, the index adds an entry automatically. Organizing your image galleries, and keeping your website up-to-date with your latest image collections is easy with TTG Auto Index CE.
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Digital Daily Dose (Build 20100115144158) The recording from my March “Developing Photos in Lightroom” webinar is now available to view for free! It will be available for one week, through Thursday, April 3 only. By popular demand, I have extended how long this webinar will be available! Watch as I develop photos in Lightroom in this free webinar.

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Alltop - Top Lightroom News In many of my workshops, photography career articles, and classes, I’ll often share with my students the one amazing tool that will revolutionize their work, help attract new clients, and keep their spirits positive all at once. It’s personal work. Sure, maybe you’ve heard this before, but maybe you haven’t heard the true significance of why doing ongoing personal photoshoots are so important for you. For me, doing this has made my entire career.The past year has thankfully been very good business-wise (I’m a commercial photographer and video producer), but as we all know, we… Alltop - Top Lightroom News
Today . . . design something beautiful Do you love (or just need to know) graphic design? At Before & After, you’ll learn how to design Web pages, brochures, presentations, logos, ads, business cards, magazines, business documents, posters, and more — Watch Read

Before & After magazine

Before & After magazine
Passport Photos Passport Photos At the going rate, it is difficult to become wealthy shooting these one-off images. A little automation and program understanding can go a long way into making these turn from chore to snore. I have created a little video tutorial to help Lightroom users crop, size and output a qualifying-constructed passport photo.
Lightroom 3 Resources - Lightroom Journal Lightroom 3 Resources - Lightroom Journal blogs.adobe.com Lightroom Journal Tips and advice straight from the Lightroom team. HOME > Lightroom 3 Resources Lightroom 3 Resources I’ll be adding to this list of Lightroom 3 resources as they become available:
The Image-Space Lightroom Resource | Lightroom Tips Tricks | Lan The Image-Space Lightroom Resource | Lightroom Tips Tricks | Lan I am Joe Barrett a Landscape photographer and long time Lightroom user. This site contains a large collection of Lightroom and general photographic imaging resources plus two free Lightroom eBooks Please browse my collection of 89 Lightroom Tips. My photographic work includes Landscapes from England, the Scottish Highlands and the Canadian Rockies. Download two free Lightroom ebooks.
With new releases in RAW processing software, I decided to take a look at the newest professional programs and see how they measure up in terms of image quality, features, UI and speed. The results will surprise you. The latest RAW converters preview for 2013 is now available. Read it! RAW deathmatch – Lightroom 3 vs DXO 6 vs Capture One 5 vs Bibble RAW deathmatch – Lightroom 3 vs DXO 6 vs Capture One 5 vs Bibble
Tutorial 1 : l’outil de suppression des tons directs par Gilles Théophile Tutorial 2 : les copies virtuelles par Gilles Théophile Tutorial 3 : correction des yeux rouges par Gilles Théophile Tutorial 4 : la sauvegarde par Gilles Théophile Tutorial 5 : Les principaux correctifs de Lightroom 1.2 par Gilles Théophile


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