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20 Things Happened on the Internet Last Year and Someone Drew a Picture of It. The Deep Web: The Internet's Obscure Data Mine. Deep Web.

The Deep Web: The Internet's Obscure Data Mine

Invisible Web. The Hidden Internet. Every knowledge professional, from librarian to data mining specialist, should know that the Deep Web exists. The term “Deep Web” refers to data and resources that are not accessed by typical Googling. Examples include university-hosted databases, organizational Wikis, topic-specific forums, and other volatile locations difficult to index with typical bots and spiders. The Invisible Web is the special part of the web that provides convenient and direct access to data. Corporations and fast-moving organizations can especially benefit from delving into the refined data-streams of the more major and less volatile resources. The technical resources that the Invisible Web covers make it vital for hard-core research. The Deep Web is a key foundation of the visible Web that Yahoo! Images from Public Domain Pictures.

Why Everyone Should Use Squidoo f. Back in October, I began a niche marketing experiment using Squidoo and good keyword research to generate traffic to a niche blog.

Why Everyone Should Use Squidoo f

Between good keyword use and Squidoo lenses, I wanted to generate a profitable, organic niche marketing campaign. I wrote one article to also promote this effort. Six Best WordPress Plug Ins for Niche Websites. I make niche websites.

Six Best WordPress Plug Ins for Niche Websites

I make a LOT of niche websites. I have this theory that while one niche website is good… many, many websites is WAYYY better! Make Profitable WordPress Niche Sites in Six Easy Steps. Money-Making Niche Sites - The SnowBall Effect Of Adsense Niche. Money Making Niche Sites – Free Lesson I don’t think it is any secret that PotPieGirl loves to make niche sites.

Money-Making Niche Sites - The SnowBall Effect Of Adsense Niche

I have a good bit of them and they are a source of consistent passive income for me each month. By passive, I mean that I did all the work on the front side, kicked them out of the nest to fly on their own, and now they bring me money each month…and I don’t have to do a thing. Are you interested in seeing a great way to get profitable ideas for your first, or your next, money-making niche site? The Things People Just Give Away! WordPress vs BlogSpot - Free vs. Paid. I get a LOT of questions about niche websites.

WordPress vs BlogSpot - Free vs. Paid

These questions are mainly about using free blog platforms from WordPress or Bloggers BlogSpot vs using your own domain and your own hosting – and all the confusion about how this all works. So, lets talk about Blogspot vs WordPress, Free vs Paid, and niche sites. Niche Blog Sites for Beginners First off, my apologies to any readers that already have this figured out. This post is aimed at those that are slightly baffled by this whole ‘own domain’, ‘own hosting’, ‘let BlogSpot host it’, etc statements that are made across the web about niche blogging. Sometimes, one or two seemingly irrelevant things we say or post can REALLY help someone – so let’s help someone today!

What You Need For a WebSite In order to have a website you need two things – a domain name and a hosting account. When you want to have cell phone service, you need two things other than an actual cell phone. Speed Test - New Frameworks Give Mobile-Web Apps a Boost. Apple’s campaign to make native mobile apps seem sexier than the temperamental world of the mobile browser has been very successful.

New Frameworks Give Mobile-Web Apps a Boost

Tens of thousands of developers have been lured to the company’s App Store as a result. However, the rapid rise of a number of impressive client-side JavaScript frameworks make it possible to build cross-platform, fast and lightweight mobile applications that run in the browser and, in some cases, equal the functionality of native apps. Since these frameworks deliver content through the browser, there are no bizarre App Store approval processes or installer packages to contend with, and you really can “write once, run anywhere.” Any mobile operating system with a modern browser is game — iOS, Android, WebOS, it doesn’t matter. Sure, for most games and animation-heavy apps, native is still the way to go. Sencha Touch, released this week, bills itself as “the first HTML5 framework for mobile devices,” which isn’t quite true. SproutCore is written in Ruby.