20 facts you must know about China's growth
A VC A VC Ten years ago today I set up a TypePad account and started writing online. That first post was not much, other than the start of a habit that has transformed my life and my career. The early years were all over the place. I would write about the music I was listening to, the places I was visiting, my family, and increasingly my work. Some of you were there at the start and when I see you show up in the comments now it brings a smile to my face.



If you're a good sales person, you'll know how to promote your most valuable product — your ability to sell. You should prepare for a sales interview in the same way you'd prepare for a sales call, Allison Nawoj, Corporate Communications Manager of CareerBuilder tells us. Make sure you're familiar with the company, be confident, and have an arsenal of anecdotes about your sales achievements. When you apply for a job, you're basically striking a deal between yourself and the employer — so think of your potential employer as a client. This is doubly true when you're trying to get a job in sales. How To Prepare For A Sales Job Interview How To Prepare For A Sales Job Interview
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