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3D modeling. 3D printer beauty - Prusa Air. 3D Printing Service UK. RPES Blog: The 3D Printing Landscape Changed Dramatically Today. Not to overlook everything that has gone before, 3D Systems has announced its largest — and most significant — acquisition by far today, namely Z Corporation, arguably the most dominant vendor in the personal 3D printing sector. My past blog posts that have mentioned 3D Systems have had mixed reactions, in the main supportive but with the occasional blasting, and in one case, a lost project. But hey-ho, that's life. I'm entitled to my opinions and I will defend that principle until I write my last word.

However, taking a step back, I have to concede that my posts have been all about the company and strategy, with very little mention of the technologies. 3D Systems was founded on Stereolithography (SLA), indeed the company developed and commercialised this process in 1987.

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3D Printing News and Trends. Professor Phunk's Tri-Dimensional Printarium. 3D-Druck aus Eistee - - alles über 3D-Drucker und Digital Fabricator. 3D Printing News and Trends. Chicago 3D Printer Enthusiasts. Välkommen till Creative Tools AB. Untitled. Sculpture through Rapid Prototyping. S Blog. REPLICATOR — Putting the "Custom" Back In Customer. Gifs have become a fixture of the web, transformed Buzzfeed into a major media entity, and brought countless millions of hours of joy to bored office drones the world over.

REPLICATOR — Putting the "Custom" Back In Customer

There’s a gif search engine and a service that will turn these little moments of web zen into IRL animated pictures. So why aren’t these miniature animations used more widely for practical purposes? Do any ecommerce sites use animated gifs to show off the unique features of a product? How about replacing turgid instructional guides with gif-tastic help pages? Animated images are a perfect midpoint between static images and full on video content, but are rarely used for productive purposes, with a few exceptions., a kid friendly site that aims to transform little video gamers into latter day scouts uses the art form to highlight the physicality of their merit badges: Despite their obvious utility, these catchy little cartoons are relegated to cat pics and epic fails. 2. 3.

HT: Nick de la Mare 1. Project Photofly: What You Is See Isn't Always What You Get. Project Photofly is our technology preview of converting photographs to 3D models.

Project Photofly: What You Is See Isn't Always What You Get

You start with a set of photographs that you load into a Photo Scene Editor – a small application you install on your Windows PC. Using the Photo Scene Editor, you upload the photos to the Project Photofly server. The server then converts the photographs to a 3D photo scene by lining up features in the photographs and returns the photo scene to the Photo Scene Editor running on your computer. From the Photo Scene Editor, you can save the photo scene to your computer in a variety of ways. What you save depends on the format you have chosen. A frequently asked question is "Why doesn’t the DWG contain the mesh data? " Project Photofly v1 populated DWG files with sparse point clouds – sparse in that the point clouds created were only large enough to determine the locations of the cameras. Blogs - RhinoFabLab. The fast, easy to build, affordable 3D printer – 3D printing for everyone! Planet Reprap - A RepRap blog aggregator.

A blog about 3D printing and what comes next. 3D Systems purchase of Geomagic is the latest in a long string of acquisitions the company has made in the 3D printing industry. 3D Systems seems intent on being active in any and every area of the 3D printing industry and having the complete software toolchain as well as a 3D printer or 3D printing service for every segment. The inventors of stereolithography amazed many people when they all of a sudden started aggressively acquiring companies a few years back. The Geomagic purchase is one of 3D System’s largest and also surprised many in the industry. In retrospect it seems a logical move, purchase a company with mesh repair software, generative tooling as well as 3D authoring tools. But, I’m not sure many anticipated it. Ponoko – Blog. I.materialise 3D printing service blog.

Are you looking for a specific model; but can’t find the right size? Sculpteo Blog. Pioneers in 3D Printed Designs. Blog. Why is wall thickness such a difficult challenge to solve?


The goal was to create tools to help designers identify and fix potential problem areas prior to 3D printing. The solution had to provide accurate and relevant data, in order to help 3D designers speed up the design and iteration cycle. Man vs Machine Take, for instance, a triangle: at the very tip, the wall thickness gradually becomes zero. The same concept applies to the edges of a blade of grass. Measurement Complexity Another challenge is measurement complexity. Furthermore, we see a lot of complex 3D models, designed by our community, that push the boundaries of design. Blog - Fabbaloo. DIY projects, how-tos, and inspiration from the workshops and minds of geeks, makers, and hackers @ the Make: Magazine blog. Blog. Wednesday, February 19, 2014 by Alexander Steiner There is a new German book out by Petra Fastermann on the current status of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing technology: 3D-Drucken: Wie die generative Fertigungstechnik funktioniert.


Mrs Fastermann already published several successful books on the 3D printing industry during the last years. Her new book explains all the many manufacturing technologies in a manner that non-technicians do also get the point easily. An extra chapter provides a description on fixing errorenous STL files with netfabb software. If you're new to 3D Printing, read this book. Furthermore the book focuses on possibilities for private households which those new technologies provide or will provide in the future. Category: Additive Manufacturing.