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This is about "3DCoat" and how to use it . Also how to use it in combination with programs like Photoshop.
3DCoat is a 3D modeling platform which works more like clay . Most 3D programs use a shell mesh . 3DCoat uses a more solid like virtual material they call "Voxel sculpting ". mirlen101 Mar 21

3D-Coat - Voxel Sketch
3D-Coat - Voxel Cloth
3D-Coat - Voxel Merge
3D-Coat - Voxels - Muscles
Introduction to 3D Coat
3D Coat AutoRetopology Overview
3DC Retopo - Quads tool
Retopo creature in 3d Coat
Automatic Retopology in 3D-Coat
Orc sculpture "speed retopo"
Quick start
Voxel sculpting
Free tutorial
Voxel video manual
What is 3D-Coat?