Kinect 3D capture

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How Motion Detection Works in Xbox Kinect. The prototype for Microsoft’s Kinect camera and microphone famously cost $30,000.

How Motion Detection Works in Xbox Kinect

At midnight Thursday morning, you’ll be able to buy it for $150 as an Xbox 360 peripheral. Microsoft is projecting that it will sell 5 million units between now and Christmas. We’ll have more details and a review of the system soon, but for now it’s worth taking some time to think about how it all works. FaceCube: Copy Real Life with a Kinect and 3D Printer. This project is a tangent off of something cool I’ve been hacking on in small pieces over the last few months.

FaceCube: Copy Real Life with a Kinect and 3D Printer

I probably would not have gone down this tangent had it not been for the recent publication of Fabricate Yourself. Nothing irks inspires me more than when someone does something cool and then releases only a description and pictures of it. Thus, I’ve written FaceCube, my own open source take on automatic creation of solid models of real life objects using the libfreenect python wrapper, pygame, NumPy, MeshLab, and OpenSCAD.

FaceCube: Copy Real Life with a Kinect and 3D Printer by nrp. The process is currently multi-step, but I hope to have it down to one button press in the future.

FaceCube: Copy Real Life with a Kinect and 3D Printer by nrp

First, run, which brings up a psychedelic preview image showing the closest 10 cm of stuff to the Kinect. Use the up and down arrow keys to adjust that distance threshold. Pressing spacebar toggles pausing capture, to make it easier to pick objects. Click on an object in the preview to segment it out. Kinect, OSC, OpenFrameworks, Visuals. Open Frameworks + Kinect + Sound. While attending FlITC San Francisco I saw Theo Watson talk about his work with the creative coding libraries known as open frameworks.

Open Frameworks + Kinect + Sound

While I didn’t have very much experience in c++ besides a couple of simple test apps to learn openGL, I thought it would be a good experience to learn a language completely different from actionscript. Below is the result that I after a very productive day of tinkering: OpenFrameworks. The good folks at ZigFu have created a great way for people to set up the things they need in order to start using their Kinect right away.


The package will install OpenNI, NITE and Sensor Kinect with just the click of a button. This will definitely come in handy if you're new to the game of have to configure multiple workstations in a short amount of time. They developed a Unity package as well for gaming and their own Portal you can use on your Desktop.

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