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Dr. Helen Barrett's Electronic Portfolios

Dr. Helen Barrett's Electronic Portfolios REAL* ePortfolio Academy for K-12 Teachers *REAL = Reflection, Engagement, and Assessment for Learning Introduction to K-12 ePortfolios Facilitated Course Registration Once a paid member of a REAL ePortfolio Academy course, participants may continue participating in discussions with subsequent cohorts. Interested in Professional Development supporting ePortfolio Development in K-12 schools? For more information, complete this form.
During the first cohort of my online course, Introduction to K-12 ePortfolios, I used Edmodo as the environment for discussion. The normal process in conducting distance classes is usually through a structured course management system, such as Blackboard or Moodle. These systems are very instructor-centered. I wanted to use more student-centered tools, so why not use a social network? There are many available, including Facebook and Ning. Since this course was for K-12 teachers, I selected a tool that can be used in K-12 classrooms. ePortfolios for Learning

ePortfolios for Learning