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2011 Trends

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Mary Meeker’s 2011 Presentation On Internet Trends [Slides] Kleiner Perkins partner and former Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker is about to take the stage here at Web 2.0 Summit to present on Internet trends, as she does every year.

Mary Meeker’s 2011 Presentation On Internet Trends [Slides]

I’ll be writing this up live, so keep refreshing. For now, you can flip through the slides above and take a gander at her 12 trend topics below. 1. Globality – We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore… Meeker revealed that 81% of users of the top ten global internet properties are outside the USA, which makes global markets a force to be reckoned with. 2. iPhones, iPods and iPads have revolutionized the market. 3. “Sound is going to be bigger than video. 4. The ability to click and buy on a mobile device is making a huge difference in mobile commerce. 5. Look at Google’s click growth for an indicator of advertising health: 23% of clicks on ads is a good sign Meeker says. 6. Meeker refers to Joanne Bradford from DemandMedia doing a better job at talking about content creation. Structure 2011 live coverage — Cloud Computing News.

After years of debating what cloud computing really is, we’re finally starting to get a clearer picture.

Structure 2011 live coverage — Cloud Computing News

Today and tomorrow at Structure 2011, held at San Francisco’s Mission Bay Conference Center, we’ll look at how the cloud landscape is shaping up: PaaS as the future of application hosting, how IaaS is increasingly becoming a part of cloud provider offerings, new developments in webscale infrastructure, new legal protections for data in the cloud and more.

Structure 2011

Structure LaunchPad Finalists Highlight Cloud’s Maturity Cloud Computing News. One of the underlying theme’s of this year’s Structure conference is how cloud computing — as both a delivery model and a set of technologies — has matured to the point that we’re beyond arguing over whether it’s a good idea in general and instead are arguing over how to best implement it.

Structure LaunchPad Finalists Highlight Cloud’s Maturity Cloud Computing News

This year’s LaunchPad finalists underscore the cloud’s new reality. Many don’t focus at all on fundamental cloud capabilities such as delivering and managing cloud-based resources, and those that do approach the tasks with an emphasis on revolutionary new approaches. Of dozens of entries, here’s who made the list: From application platforms to disaster recovery to virtualized networks, it’s all about readying the cloud for all types of applications and about architecting cloud infrastructures in entirely new ways.

Cloud computing is here to stay and even large enterprise will embrace it — now we need to determine how to better, faster and more flexibly. Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011. STAMFORD, Conn., October 19, 2010 View All Press Releases Analysts Examine Latest Industry Trends During Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, October 17-21, in Orlando Gartner, Inc. today highlighted the top 10 technologies and trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2011.

They didn't mentiion SMELL-O-VISION! – pauljacobson

The analysts presented their findings during Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, being held here through October 21.

Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011

Gartner defines a strategic technology as one with the potential for significant impact on the enterprise in the next three years. Factors that denote significant impact include a high potential for disruption to IT or the business, the need for a major dollar investment, or the risk of being late to adopt. A strategic technology may be an existing technology that has matured and/or become suitable for a wider range of uses.

“Sometimes the decision will be to do nothing with a particular technology,” said Carl Claunch, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

Cloud Computing

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