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Digital Taylorism – Why our Jobs are Getting Worse « Simple Living in Suffolk. This brilliant article from the Grauniad absolutely hit a nerve with me.

Digital Taylorism – Why our Jobs are Getting Worse « Simple Living in Suffolk

It describes the reasons why I hate the management edifice around what my job has become, though at the moment what I do is okay – if only the blasted System would let me get on an do it with death-by-bureaucracy. When I started work at my current company as a lowly grunt Assistant Engineer, I had the authority to fill in a purchase requisition for up to £500 without higher level authorisation, and that was about right for the level of work.

It wasn’t generally abused, either. Now I have to get authorisation from the next level up simply to buy a rail ticket, and that next level has to get the okay and a reference number from some other part of Business Operations. I don’t know what you have to do to buy pens and paperclips these days. Software development used to be a creative process. Fortunately I got out of software into a one-off hardware project that will hopefully see me out The Graun follows on: Nice. GFMP Management Consultants - komunikacja wewnętrzna firmy, badania opinii i ocena pracowników, plany sukcesji, audyt komunikacyjny, performance management. Bogdan Dąbrowski - Managing Consultant Ekspert w dziedzinie zarządzania, komunikacji organizacyjnej i kultury organizacyjnej.

GFMP Management Consultants - komunikacja wewnętrzna firmy, badania opinii i ocena pracowników, plany sukcesji, audyt komunikacyjny, performance management

Jego bogate doświadczenie doradcze obejmuje realizację wielu kompleksowych projektów, jak np. opracowywanie i wdrażanie strategii biznesowej i organizacyjnej firmy, zmiany kulturowe w organizacji, coaching dla szefów firm, zarządzanie zmianami, zarządzanie w sytuacji kryzysowej, wdrażanie kompetencji przywódczych, doskonalenie komunikacji wewnętrznej, opracowywanie strategii sprzedaży. Jako trener przeszkolił kilka tysięcy menedżerów i specjalistów. Projekty doradcze i szkoleniowe realizował dla takich firm, jak Allianz, Aviva, Bank BPH, Bank Zachodni WBK, British American Tobacco, Bunge, Coty, DHL, GlaxoSmithKline, Grüner+Jahr, Grupa ITI, Grupa Żywiec, Hewlett-Packard, Kompania Piwowarska, Pfizer, Philip Morris, Polkomtel, Polpharma, Raiffeisen Bank, SAP, Siódemka, Südzucker, TAURON Obsługa Klienta, Teva, Vattenfall, Volkswagen Poznań, Wyeth, Zentiva. Silver Linings for 2012 - Saj-nicole Joni.

By Saj-nicole Joni | 1:50 PM January 17, 2012 If you pay attention to workplace surveys, the news sounds pretty bad.

Silver Linings for 2012 - Saj-nicole Joni

According to a January 2011 American Psychological Association (APA) survey of 1,546 working adults, 44 percent felt that their stress levels have increased over the last five years, and more than a third said they felt tense or stressed out during their workday, citing low salaries, lack of opportunities for advancement, heavy workloads, unrealistic job expectations and long hours. Bad news, right? But I’m not certain such surveys tell the whole story. And I predict that leaders who get the whole story, and act on it, will reap unexpectedly better workplace morale in 2012, despite all the uncertainty and volatility of the global economic realities. Certainly, times are terribly stressful, and I don’t mean to downplay the reality that too many employees face.

Consider George, a CEO of a large building-engineering firm in Silicon Valley. Google Plus – Business Ideas - By now you have heard about Google+, its a brand new social network that seems to have a ton of potential. I am not going to go over what its features are, as there are a thousand such articles already. What I am going to do is give you a few reasons to check it out, and hopefully reveal a few opportunities it presents. Google+ and Your Business By uniting the functionality of the Facebook style stream, the Twitter style update, the Foursquare Check-In, the Flickr photo video curation, the contact collection that is in your gmail contact list, and the power of multiple best in class Google properties from Youtube to Maps, Google+ is a legitimate titan in the making.

Google+ has one major Hurdle to Clear In order for it to succeed Google Plus for business will have to answer one major question: Will enough people decide to invest time and energy into a new social platform? Privacy is Weapon #1 for Google+ How many people have had an issue arise from something posted on Facebook? Pl_Facebook_2012_PL.pdf (Obiekt application/pdf)