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Family Literacy Day 2017

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Broadview (Jan 27th) and Whitewood (Jan 26th) school are holding their Family Literacy Day activities in the last period of the day. Parents are welcome. Students must follow direction, in pictures and words, in order to build a unique item!

Science & Design for Kids: Recycled Bird Feeder Mobile. I’ve been obsessing over all things mobile ever since receiving a hand made frog mobile as a baby shower gift.

Science & Design for Kids: Recycled Bird Feeder Mobile

As a designer I was already predisposed to liking them, after all aren’t Alexander Calder’s mobiles every design snob’s dream art piece? Of course I’d need a proper place to hang one as well, but I digress…. I can’t say that this mobile is even remotely close to a Calder but it’s a great way to combine science and design for kids in one sweet little project: a Recycled Bird Feeder Mobile. I toyed with a number of ideas for how to build this bird feeder before reminding myself that there is no perfect solution to any project, so go down one path and enjoy the exploration. DIY Articulated Skeleton Hand — All for the Boys. Rubber Band Car — All for the Boys. Paper Plate Balloon Car — All for the Boys. STEAM Activity: Stixplosions! Army man launcher.