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NUI Group - Natural User Interface Group. NUI Group - Natural User Interface Group. TUIO. Movid Main/Welcome to Movid. Welcome to Kivy — Kivy v1.0.7-dev documentation. The appendix contains licensing information and an enumeration of all the different modules, classes, functions and variables available in Kivy.

Welcome to Kivy — Kivy v1.0.7-dev documentation

Kivy 1.7.2 and 1.8 are now under MIT License. Previous version are still under LGPL 3 license. Kivy is released under the terms of the MIT License. PyMT : Open source library for multitouch development. CocoNUIT framework showreel. Robbeofficial/KinectTouch - GitHub. Kinect - build a TUIO multitouch pad on any surface. Hand tracking from openNI through TUIO. Bamboo-tuio - Bamboo-TUIO. Tuiodroid - Open Source TUIO App for Android. TUIOdroid is an open source TUIO tracker for Android devices, which allows multi-touch remote control based on the TUIO protocol.

tuiodroid - Open Source TUIO App for Android

It is capable of sending standard TUIO/UDP messages through any active 3G or WIFI connection. This application is available free of charge on the Android Market and can be used in conjunction with any TUIO enabled client application. Open Source Multitouch Software for Education. Introduction to Movid - Movid.