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Download iTALC - OpenSource classroom management software for free. What is GeeXboX ? GeeXboX is a free and Open Source Media-Center purposed Linux distribution for embedded devices and desktop computers.

What is GeeXboX ?

GeeXboX is not an application, it’s a full-featured OS, that one can boot as a LiveCD, from a USB key, an SD/MMC card or install on its regular HDD. The GeeXboX distribution is lightweight and designed for one single goal: embed all major multimedia applications as to turn your computer into an HTPC. The GeeXboX project is a non-commercial organization, founded in 2002 and developed by volunteer individuals from all around the world on their spare time. The development of the GeeXboX project is the result of contribution of dozens of people over the time and hardware sponsoring and donations. It led to the creation of multiple side-projects that now have their standalone life: Enna, libplayer, libvalhalla, libnfo, libdlna, uShare … The GeeXboX distribution is available for the following targets: GeeXboX sources are heavily customizable.

Comments are closed. APODIO. Audio Graphic Video Multimedia Linux. AndroidArt is the world’s first website about Android applications for artists. If you like ArtistX please consider making a small donation or visit our partners websites.

Audio Graphic Video Multimedia Linux

ArtistX is a free DVD which turns a computer into a full multimedia production studio It is based on Ubuntu GNU/Linux and contains nearly all the available free audio, 2D and 3D graphics, and video software for the GNU/Linux computing platform. It doesn’t need to be installed, and boots directly into a running system without touching hard drives. After nearly ten years of development and more than ten versions, the ArtistX 1.5 multimedia studio on a DVD is finally here.

If you want to contribute and submit bugs/errors/suggestions please write to us. ArtistX is made by Marco Ghirlanda, a digital Artist from Italy ( A huge thanks to our hosting service Midphase: it just works. Second mirror provided by Puredyne. Get Puredyne one of three ways: (1) download and burn it on a CD or DVD, (2) purchase the Puredyne USB, or (3) download and create your own bootable USB stick. (1) Download and create a live CD or DVD Download the latest Puredyne version 9.11 - carrot and coriander - from one of these: NL, Amsterdam, primary server: GOTO10CZ, Prague, mirror: node9.orgUS, California, mirror: restruct.orgFR, Orléans, mirror: labomedia.orgGR, Crete, mirror: HTTP, FTPIT, Milan, mirror: recipient.ccDE, mirror: GunzenhausenSK, Bratislava, mirror: mirror or by BitTorrent: And here's our guide how to create a live CD/DVD for your PC or Mac.


(We are always looking for new mirrors - see this mailing list post and get in touch.) (2) Puredyne USB Puredyne also can be bought, in the shape of a 4GB bootable USB stick. (Note: this is an open-source/free-software project and so as usual the software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful but without any warranty!