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Quadr copter + / WMP& arduino nano. The JJ - Copter" Open Air firsth day (Arduino, Nintendo Wii Motion Plus Nunchuck, Aeroquad) Morphing Aircraft! Air Hogs SWITCHBLADE product review. JJ-COPTER MK2 STABLE MODE (MEGA,Wii,GPS,Compass) JJ-Copter (Arduino Mega Wii Sensor+ Aeroqua ver. 1.7.1 Mod +Conf ver. 2.3.1) AeroQuad – build your own quadcopter. Yann's Techno Toys Blog - Shrediquette: an Arduino-based Tri-copter. Shrediquette: an Arduino-based Tri-copter The Shrediquette is a tri-rotor helicopter built by William Thielike from Germany.

Yann's Techno Toys Blog - Shrediquette: an Arduino-based Tri-copter

William is a PhD student in biology, who seems to have many talents: micro-controller system design, control, mechanical design, flying contraption construction, as well as film making. His tricopter is built around an Arduino Pro Mini micro-controller. DIY Drones. Shrediquette - a multirotor MAV by W. Thielicke. Tricopter - The Movie...