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"Digital Vaults" Online - Press Kit. Digital Vaults Screen Shots Click on a thumbnail image or description to view a larger image or download a hi-resolution image.

"Digital Vaults" Online - Press Kit

Washington, DC…The National Archives new "Digital Vaults" exhibit delivers an online experience that is unlike any other. With a database of some 1,200 documents, photographs, drawings, maps, and other materials and a keywording system that visually links records, the Digital Vaults enables visitors to customize their exhibit experience and to create posters, movies, and games that can be shared by e-mail. Each record in Digital Vaults is also linked to the National Archives' Online Catalog, so visitors who want to know more can take the first steps toward a research journey into the National Archives. Get Graphic! Visuals for Deep Thinking, Inquiry, and Learning. To learn more about how our brain functions related to visual perception, go the Mind Lab.

Get Graphic! Visuals for Deep Thinking, Inquiry, and Learning

As you select materials for inquiry-based projects. Consider using materials in the following areas: Art Resources. Picturing History:Analyzing and Researching Primary Source Images. Untitled. Tools That Make IT Click. Untitled.

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Formative Assessments. Portfolios. Collaboration. Photo Editing. Web design. Audio. Online Magazines. Edmodo. QR Codes. Video creation. Video Interaction. Ipads. Pearltrees videos. Welcome to Skype in the classroom. Online Flashcards/Study Helps. Infographics. Blogs. Student Projects/Assessment. Thinking maps/Graphic organizers. Comic Makers. Book Publishing. Quiz Builders. Word Clouds. Posters/Trading Cards. Timelines.