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Λεξικό για Αγγλικά, Γαλλικά, Γερμανικά και άλλες γλώσσες. Etymon. Σήμα - Antilexico. Από Antilexico Αρχαία σήμα, σημείο Αγγλικά sign, signal, trade mark Ερμηνεία ενδεικτικό, διακριτικό γνώρισμα ή σημείο το οποίο προσδιορίζει την προέλευση και την ταυτότητα προϊόντων, αγαθών, υπηρεσιών και είναι διακριτικό για την αναγνώρισή τους Ρίζα σήμα (αβεβ. ετυμ.)

Σήμα - Antilexico

Ομόριζα. Σήμα - Antilexico. Ένδειξη - Antilexico. Από Antilexico Αρχαία ένδειξις (ενδείκνυμι) Αγγλικά indication, sign, index, clue Ερμηνεία απόδειξη, κατάδειξη με ασφαλή στοιχεία ως επιβεβαίωση και επικύρωση για κάτι, ότι αυτό λειτουργεί, καλά, ορθά, σωστά, ικανοποιητικά Ρίζα.

Ένδειξη - Antilexico

Λεξικό γλωσσολογικών όρων. Λεξιλόγιο - Γεώργιος Μπαμπινιώτης. Online Etymology Dictionary. On the Great Seal of the United States of America, condensed by Charles Thompson, designer of the seal in its final form, from Latin Juppiter omnipotes, audacibus annue coeptis "All-powerful Jupiter favor (my) daring undertakings," line 625 of book IX of Virgil's "Aeneid.

Online Etymology Dictionary

" The words also appear in Virgil's "Georgics," book I, line 40: Da facilem cursam, atque audacibus annue coeptis "Give (me) an easy course, and favor (my) daring undertakings. " Thompson changed the imperative annue to annuit, the third person singular form of the same verb in either the present tense or the perfect tense. The motto also lacks a subject. The motto is often translated as "He (God) is favorable to our undertakings," but this is not the only possible translation. Thomson wrote: "The pyramid signifies Strength and Duration: The Eye over it & Motto allude to the many signal interpositions of providence in favour of the American cause. " WordNet Search - 3.1. Using a reverse dictionary. So....

Using a reverse dictionary

What's a reverse dictionary? A reverse dictionary is a simple concept--it's a place where you look up definitions and find words. It will often help you rephrase a search query in a way that you might not have thought about, or supply the key term that will lead to success. There actually are lots of reverse dictionaries out there, but I tend to use OneLook because it has a relatively powerful search interface. You don't always need all these search features, but when you do, it's really nice to have. The results are rank-ordered. Example: Here I did a search on [ shovel ] giving just definitions from a wide variety of sources. There are more tips in the Help section of the OneLook website. Searching on... at the word level! Search on... even on other search engines! Antilexico. GlossGA - Glossary: διαλλάττω.

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Dictionary and Thesaurus - Free Online at Your Dictionary. Find Synonyms and Antonyms of Words at Numen - The Latin Lexicon - An Online Latin Dictionary - A Dictionary of the Latin Language. Redefine the dictionary - wordia. Smith, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities.

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If you want help with the ending of a word, type the ending in the space provided. (If you prefer, you may leave this space blank). To see all the words in the dictionary that begin with "q", search for "q" as the stem. You can also translate English to Latin. This dictionary defines about 15,600 words. William Whitaker's Macintosh version should work with OS X up to 10.7, though it might be necessary to install Rosetta, which used to come with OS X but was not always installed by default.

In Windows, The Words program operates from the old DOS-like command line. William Whitaker's Words program also provides the translation mechanism for VulSearch, an excellent free Windows program for reading and searching the Vulgate and Glossa Ordinaria. Marco Waclawek has developed a Latin - German Dictionary based on William Whitaker's Words. Latin Wordlist and Grammar Aid *m. Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus - An online thesaurus and dictionary of over 145,000 words that you explore using an interactive map. Visuwords™ online graphical dictionary and thesaurus. Dictionary. : encyclopédie collaborative et dictionnaires gratui. Forvo: the pronunciation guide. All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers.