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How To Clone Your Hard Drive. Copy the entirety of one hard drive to another. It’s called cloning, and it’s an important process if you want to replace or upgrade the primary hard drive in your computer. Cloning isn’t the same as backing up. When a drive is cloned you have a perfect copy of everything that was on it – the operating system, the software and all of the files included.

When you clone a hard drive you recreate its entire environment, partitions and all. Why clone a drive? We’ve covered quite a few free tools for cloning hard drives here at MakeUseOf. Cloning a drive with Parted Magic isn’t extremely difficult, but it’s also not completely intuitive. If you like getting your hands dirty and learning things, though, you can totally handle this.

Step One: Prepare The Drives Just to be perfectly clear about terminology, your “source drive” is the drive you want to make a copy of. You’re going to need both your source and your destination drives to be connected to a computer in order to clone. Don’t panic! Parted Magic: A Complete Hard Drive Toolbox On One Live CD. Take control of your hard drives. Whether you want to edit your partitions, clone an entire drive, check SMART data or otherwise manage the way your computer’s data is organized, Parted Magic is the tool you’ve been looking for. It’s a live CD with lots of tools baked in. Parted Magic’s name is an obvious nod to Partition Magic – a once-great product that met its demise shortly after being acquired by Symantec. Don’t be fooled by the reference, though. While Parted Magic is a fantastic tool for partitioning hard drives it can do a whole lot more. This Linux-based live CD includes tools for everything from data recover to drive cloning, and thanks to Firefox being built in you can even browse the web while the tools do their job.

Whether you’re an IT professional constantly in need of ways to manage machines or just some guy looking for a simple way to re-partition a hard drive, Parted Magic is simple to use and heavy on features. Using Parted Magic Clonezilla, Built In Other Tools Conclusion. Headsprout Reading Online - Kindergarten to 5th Grade. Learning Tools: Study Buddy.