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Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty (38 Pics) S Royal Icing. DIY Cupcake Frosting Color Chart. The May issue of Food Net­work Mag­a­zine has one of the coolest fea­tures ever inside: a cup­cake icing color chart!

DIY Cupcake Frosting Color Chart

The chart shows you how to make lovely pas­tel frost­ing shades in every color using a basic food col­or­ing kit (red, yel­low, blue, and green). The mag­a­zine also includes a recipe for white frost­ing to use as a base for the col­ors and a vanilla cup­cake recipe. Want to make the col­ors pop even more? Make the frost­ing metal­lic using lus­ter dust, a non-toxic edi­ble powder. For those who missed out when the issue hit the news­stands, Food Net­work posted the frost­ing color recipes on their web­site.

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